Coming Up | 12/07/2016

S.A.M. – Descend II Ascend

In our record of the week, S.A.M. returns to International Sun-Earth Explorer label with three evocative compositions on the EP Descend II Ascend. The A side begins brightly with the tracks ‘Fear and Hope’ and ‘Voltron’; the former whizzes along before spiralling out of control with a dubby-bassline, while the latter, in a similar guise, eclipses its high-tempo drum pattern with arresting, other-worldly, synths. On the B side there is the title track ‘Descend to Ascend’, an imaginative, captivating, piece that takes the listener on a journey throughout the vast infinitude of space.
Listen Here:

Nthng – Untitled

Lobster Theremin continue a year of stunning releases with this three track EP from the ethereal producer nthng. The mysterious Dutch producer, who has already released twice on LT sub-label Mork, persists in the dark, ambient brand of techno that has generated a lot of noise around him over the last two years. The standout track on this EP, ‘Untitled (Human Pt. 2)’, a sequel to his October 2014 release on Mork, is characterized by brooding synths and eerie, distorted percussion; an epitaph to hours spent dancing in dark, low-ceilinged rooms. Echoing releases by Giegling lynchpin Traumprinz, not just in the sound of the EP but also in the mystery shrouding it, Untitled furthers nthng’s reputation as a top tier producer, and furthers our need for more releases.
Listen Here:

Various – Waxtefacts 002

Danish based record label Waxtefacts put out their second compilation featuring music from Real D, Interstate, Strip Steve and DJ Storch. After February’s initial success, label head Librarian takes a back seat to allow a fresh set of faces to show off their talents as purveyors of sun-drenched house music. A wandering piano melody sits comfortably atop Real D’s funky orchestration on opening track ‘Rhodes That’, a highlight of the album. Perfect for late afternoon DJ sets at a festival or rooftop bar, this EP is sure to make some noise this summer.
Listen here:

Djrum – LA EP

In LA EP, DJrum combines his signature production with the sounds of classic rave to thrilling effect in his second EP of the summer on Second Drop Records. The producer masterfully utilises a host of genre-spanning samples to supplement his tight drum patterns over two tracks, ‘LA’ and ‘Abandon Me’. The first track starts subdued with a subterranean pattern before exploding into life with a euphoric piano melody. The second track is faster, driven along powerfully with a heavy drum pattern. The EP even comes complete with beautiful downtempo moments that characterised much of his earlier works.
Listen here:

Randomer & Cadans – Pyramid/Anchor

Randomer teams up with Cadans yet again for another thumping release, ‘Pyramid’, which functions as a fine addition to his already impressive discography. Releasing on the new London based label, Neighbourhood, the duo’s work is reminiscent with much of Blawan’s early work with their uncompromising stomps, jangling percussion and twisted basslines. Strong on the lows both songs – ‘Pyramid’ and ‘Anchor’ – make a perfect accessory to any basement techno night.
Listen Here:

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