Coming Up | 19/07/2016

Inigo Kennedy – NGC EP

In our record of the week, ‘NGP EP’, Inigo Kennedy continues to push techno in an exciting, radical direction. Releasing on the legendary label ‘Token’, the record comes accompanied with a gorgeous artwork of Cygnus and Draco that perfectly accompanies the heartfelt synths, and breakbeat-esque drum patterns that define the release. Powerfully driven, both songs, ‘Blinking Eye’ and ‘Cat’s Eye’ respectively, conjure memories of the experimental work of Asc, albeit with a more melodic flavour. The defining moment of the release comes on ‘Blinking Eye’, when Inigo silences his tight drum work, allowing the listener to appreciate the beauty of space.
Listen Here:

Marvis Dee – Dreams Of A Future Metropolis

Marvis Dee compliments his impressive first release on up and coming record label ‘In My Dreams’ with ‘Dreams of a Future Metropolis’. Hinting at delightful, metaphor inducing 80’s groove, his second EP on the label drives you through a riviera of sparkling synths and heated basslines, transporting the listener back to a time when the future was seen in technicolor. Sailing through the first two tracks, ‘Testarossa’ and ‘Tonight is the Night’, you land in ‘You & Me’ – a stand out of the EP. Laying you down with a beautifully swaying bassline and electric kicks, it highlights the real talent Dee holds in producing truly refreshing house music. As the sun sets with the fitting ‘When a night comes to an end’, any worries you may have held before listening are easily forgotten.
Listen Here:

Pascal Viscardi – How To Cover Up A Clear Blue Sky

Summer is well and truly here for Swiss producer Pasacl Viscardi as his sun-tinged new EP ‘How To Cover Up A Clear Blue Sky’ drops on Love Notes. Opening track ‘Where Pathways Meet’ is hazy and glistening; subtle string and sax samples meld with a cloud of synths, blossoming into a sparse and funky groove. Viscardi brings a variety of feelings and sounds throughout the EP, though one thing that does not alter is the consistency. As the music draws on, the next two tracks both possess more lo-fi qualities, yet both roll along in a similarly groovy fashion. Ambience sets in as the record comes to a close, reminiscent of a late summer’s night drawing to its end.
Listen Here:

Rrose / Orphx – Summer Solstice Edition EP

Rrose and Orphyx team up for the two track release ‘Summer Solstice Edition’ on Khemia Records. The former cooks up a cacophony of aquatic bleeps and bloops on A-side ‘Emboli’, tickling the listeners ear amidst a dark, ominous roll of kicks and claps. Conjuring the atmosphere of some dingy power station in apocalyptic meltdown, Rrose succeeds in leaving his audience in both awe and confusion. Orphyx’s effort ‘Aurora’ is the (for want of a better phrase) more conventional of the two tracks. Ten minutes long in its duration, this sparse stretch of techcno is ripe for the dancefloor, with its dubby undertones and thumping rhythm a sure fire way to bring new life to the early morning.
Listen Here:

D-IX – The Hoff

Rounding off the highlights this week is ‘The Hoff EP’ by D-IX; the EP titled after an iconic American hunk and the producer the namesake of a German WWII performance enhancing drug… The EP also tributes itself to “The Hoff” with each track sharing titles with songs from the 1985 Hoff album ‘Night Rocker’; the similarities however end there. The first track on the EP ‘Night Rocker’ immediately hits you with a beat heavily associated with German techno; bringing in rolling synths and sharp claps the track is certain to bring euphoria to any who witness it. Moving on to the focal point of the EP, ‘All the right moves’, D-IX shapes a progressively distorted bassline, introducing stabs of highs before coming to the crux of the track. A nauseating synth pattern builds and takes over from the distortion; a truly mind watering experience. Continuing this theme into the hard hitting, head pounding penultimate track ‘Crazy on a Saturday Night’ the EP takes shape as a star for years to come. Finishing the release ‘Let It Be Me’ takes the listener to a realm previously unknown, combining beautifully constructed melodies with a heavy drum beat to create the perfect come down to a release The Hoff would veritably be proud of.
Listen Here:

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