Coming Up | 27/08/2016

Mount Liberation Unlimited – Eerie (For Your Love)

Eerie (for your love) glistens at the top of this weeks pile as an exquisite two track house EP from Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited. Released on the fitting Beats in Space imprint, the release was originally composed for their eclectic live sets but saw such a reception that it was quickly transposed to the studio. The A side and namesake ‘Eerie’ travels through a building and ever intensifying line of fizzy electronica complimented beautifully by a rolling set of hats and grooves. What really stands out about this track is that through its duration of nearly 10 minutes, it never ceases to entertain the listener. Rising and dipping between electrifying peaks and settling troughs, all silver lined with subtle but increasing anticipation as the track moves through.The EP slides elegantly into the the reverse, ‘Maiden Voyage’. This B-side explores a deeper nature to their sound, hinting at a comprehensive array of the Balearic sounds associated with similar productions from the 1980’s. It is a wholly less complicated production but equally as enthralling, if the sun rises with ‘Eerie’ it sets with Maiden Voyage’. It is not to say the tracks are opposed but quite simply grace the listener with an intimate simpatico of one another. The EP provides an uplifting and expansive journey through both modern and vintage production techniques. Exploring sounds associated normally with the old TR-909’s but still withholding an incredibly contemporary style to its composition and synth patterns. All things considered Mount Liberation Unlimited have provided us with truly exceptional release.
Listen here:

Laurence Guy – Bamboo

On somewhat of a roll this year, Laurence Guy hones in on another atmospheric sound to add to his discontinuous oeuvre of high-grade house. This time through Church records, the Bamboo EP’s elements play off each other with a more full-bodied fusion than allowed by some of his other releases this year. On from ‘Strings Attached’—perhaps attached to Pepe Bradock’s revered ‘Deep Burnt’—beyond the estranged samples of his Thinking of You EP and the noise crusted texture of his release with Todd Osborn on Cin Cin; he now mines smoother sounds, employing deeper hums and softer sparkles akin to Harvey Sutherland. Following a classic bongo intro, and a bass stating heavy intent, the title track’s body opens the EP with an honest, ambling hometown house groove, its slight melancholy coloured by a vista twinkling with apprehension, and so the prospect of the unexpected. A kiss of highly selective soul vocals and PC funk licks provide that subtle spice to complete its full finish. From what could have been a meadow, we descend to the pall of ‘Knotweed’, which ties its bow with that Fridge-like combination of swampy strings, sinking chords, and cut twinkles. Bass hums reinforce the listener’s journey across this marshland of emotions, its saturation given just enough air by a teasing horn, to glimpse the sky. B sides ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘Lotus’ seem to evolve from the As respectively, like their adults, they see new heights, new frontiers, an yet lose so much of the idyllic and acoustic textures of earthly sensations.
Listen here:

Neinzer – The Beacon / The Fea

Neinzer’s third release on London based imprint Yume is a double sided single that lets the tracks do the talking; literally. ‘The Beacon’ and flip-side ‘The Fea’ both feature distinctive drawling vocal lines with the former inviting us to join him in ‘stepping out across the plain’ as ‘the silence grows in volume’. An apt request as the sparse and throbbing lead track unfurls before us, with a distorted, chugging synth line holding the song together as a whisper of ‘pure white light’ draws us toward the Beacon’s end. B-side ‘The Fea’ continues in similar vein to the first as the voice returns, asking ‘what do you really want to do?’ With music as mysterious and as dark as the vocals that sit atop it, Neinzer succeeds in creating a fantastically atmospheric record that builds upon his already impressive and engrossing discography.
Listen here:

Clarity – Fog / Blue Rain

Cornish producer Clarity takes no prisoners in his two track EP “Fog/Blue Ruin” on the relaunched Samurai Music imprint. The label’s refocus on drum and bass bears fruit with Clarity constituting the third release after the works of Homemade Weapons and Red Army, and The Untouchables. The A side, Fog, is a stony unforgiving tempest with booming kicks, encumbering noise and a wobbly bassline. Blue Ruin, on the B side, demands vigilance as it navigates the listener through uncharted waters. Underpinned by the nervous heartbeat of the kicks, both the foghorn and brief eerie melody illuminate terrors emerging from the mist.
Listen here:

Samo DJ – Kicked Out Of Everywhere

The final highlight this week comes from the well-established label The Trilogy Tapes. Boasting over 40 releases in the last 5 years from the likes of Anthony Naples and Sassy J this label does not disappoint. Championing the latest release in the series is Swedish producer Samo Dj with the EP ‘Kicked out of Everywhere’. Starting the EP is the track ‘Beeps’ that captures the listener’s attention with a rough kick; this is accompanied by the introduction of a heavily modulated synth pattern and a ghostly high that initiates a rush of endorphin that the EP sets out to bring about. The highlight of the EP, the second track ‘LKF’ features a broken warbled vocal over a heavy drum beat accompanied by sharp synths and soft hidden melodies. As a feeling of inertia shrouds the listener, the third track ‘Medellin’ begins. With a regular rolling drum beat and ever building distorted overtones, the EP climaxes. With the aptly named ‘Downer’ the EP draws to a close. A chugging grated percussive beat is guided by shadowy notes engulfing the track with an almost haunting, but settled atmosphere. ‘Kicked out of everywhere’ once again proves the worth and talent of Samo DJ, adding an atmospheric and fervid release to the The Trilogy Tapes series.
Listen here:

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