Coming Up | 03/08/2016

2814 – Rain Temple

A collaborative project between t e l e p a t h and HKE, 2814 releases its second full length LP on Dream Catalogue and goes straight into our record of the week spot. Creating an ethereally atmospheric record, the duo draws the listener to dizzying heights and emotional lows with a string of tracks, all of which exceed the six-minute mark, with standout track ‘Eyes of The Temple’ almost doubling that. 2814’s lengthy tracks are far from self-indulgent however, making full use of the elongated time frames to build increasingly tense soundscapes as a wide variety of sounds crawl over one another. Cinematic, apocalyptic, devastating – all words easily ascribable to an album whose ambience is maintained throughout the chaos. Despite the erratic nature of the music, a strong sonic narrative is constructed in what feels like a musical soundtrack to an epic, sci-fi thriller. 2814 harness a vast range of emotions in what is a truly compelling work, pushing the boundaries of ambient music into powerful new places.
Listen Here:

Orson Wells – Missn’ U EP

GITS’s lead synth signals are one step ahead of the listener—their elevating echoes are a nuance that instils a subtle feeling of ascent. They flit between hats, clicks and clunk cuts. With each of these samples toned distinctly, the track redoubles its soothing atmosphere of space, reflecting in its relational action the depth of the tubular hum-call that sets and closes this anti-scape. Plateaus of noisy breaks and wining synths make this space as unknowably wide as its journey seems long. At the event of experiencing the title track name (once more), following GITS’s vast space—Missin U innocuously fades the tubular hum-call into the consignment of a bell. Its softly rolling echoes gong the universal truth of loss, that timeless inevitability and its profound sound of excommunication. With colours gone, we are left to the dirty cold vapour crush shed from the rough bass body of a hard reality. Selective breaks are the only bursts of breath from the smog: hyper-life is an empty ecstasy, but this is a diamond of a track from Sound Mirror. Colour and space return on the B-side, Red Planet. With a cleaner bass than GITS, and its lead synth as an intermittent rather than consistent tease, the track’s real texture comes from its hats and the long, broad sweeps of immense synth chords—an unforgiving wind, violent and cleansing, that its passage to another heart withstands.
Listen Here:

Minor Science – Whities 008

Out now on label ‘Whities’, Angus Finlayson aka Minor Science brings us ‘Whities 008’. The EP draws from the bass-heavy electronic sound currently ingrained in UK club culture, reminiscent of the likes of Hessle Audio, Finlayson continues to push the boundaries of modern techno production. A side ‘Naturally Spineless’ heads the release. Bleeps and broken techno bind to an undulating dubstep wobble, imbuing in the listener a primal, forgotten urge. Similar expression is found on the B side ‘Underpipe’; exploring a slightly more buoyant side to Finlayson’s work, spacey chords ring out breaking into a quivering beep laden baseline. In short this new EP cements Minor Science and the ‘Whities’ label as pioneers in the ever growing techno community.
Listen Here:

Seixlack – Beg Bug Bites

Seixlack’s Bed Bug Bites continues an impressive year for the new UK-based label X-Kalay. Following on from Kask’s sensational Periferia and Rudolf C’s Synaethesia the Brazilian producer has created four unruly, yet rewarding, murky jams. Starting the EP is ‘Taxes’, which with its suffocated acid bassline and haunting synths could easily be from Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label. On the second track ‘Amolado’ Seixlack’s unique style really comes to fore in his experimentation with off-kilter synths. ‘Sofazone’ completes the EP with its charming melody being overlayed by a mixture of ambient and quirky synths.
Listen Here:

Conga Radio – Right Beside You

Conga Radio slides calmly into this weeks list with a two track, back to the roots house release. This one is filled with sex appeal, with light and enjoyable piano play joined at the hip by smooth, alluring vocals. The tag team of Canadian producers Jex Opolis and Roberto bring us an A side, ‘right beside you’ that tingles with jazzy penache and downright, swinging arms, groove. The reverse a spacey mover that never falters from a rolling, funky bass. Complimented by higher and brighter synths akin to previous release from Palms Trax in ‘Sumo Acid Crew’ this side manages to explore a more atmospheric, slower and seductive seam of their sound. Out on their typical ‘Good Timin’ label, this EP takes after its makers name – the A holding fresh conga drums and the B ‘Party Smokes’ bringing home the warm evening air over a veranda of synths.
Listen Here:

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