Coming Up | 12/08/2016

Bruce Trail – Ravine Dream

Releasing on Lone’s Magic Wire, Bruce Trail’s quirky four track EP Ravine Dream is our record of the week. Fun and soothing this house record takes the listener on a wholesome escapade. The adventure starts with the warm harmonic chords and bubbling synths of the track ‘Over Falls’. Next comes the at times apprehensive ‘Bridgework’ which stabs of synths and beautiful flute draws our oblivious heroes to danger. After becoming well and truly lost, Silver Li’s ambient synths give respite with the welcome shelter of a cave. Drawing to a dramatic conclusion, Fly By Night’s bouncy bassline sees our adventurers escape their pursuers and exit the ravine.
Listen Here:

Io (Mulen) – Open Mind EP

2016 has been an exceptional year for the prolific producer Io, in which his own unique style of groovy, meandering – but ever tasteful – tech house has come to acclaim with the club bomb Stick Out and the delightful Moi series. His new Open Mind EP, released on Overall Music, proves to be no exception with another set of drawn-out bombs. With both tracks over 9 mins long, the Ukrainian is a master at keeping his nifty hooks interesting, through intelligent usage of apt percussion and blissful pads.
Listen Here:

Unknown Artist – Better

The celebrated Canadian label Mood Hut brings the party in this two track EP from an unknown artist. The first track ‘Better’ moves along tastefully with elegant beeps and graceful strings before exploding with an outburst of brass. Before this climax returns once more, the listener is teased with a snippet until the song briefly becomes a cacophony, the trumpet returning stronger than before. Slowly fading, the song turns to a tasteful outro with those famous Mood Hut drums. On the B side, the listener is rewarded with groovy bass, jazzy piano, and soulful vocals that constitute an extremely danceable disco tune; with such a strong showing this EP is sure to be regarded in the future as a classic.
Listen Here:

András christens his new alias and record label after a project recorded in his family home and centred by its homage to his father. House of Dad opens with the anxious song of his return to that place. Water Diviner’s liquid synths wine, whip and blend submerged materials, whilst Hard Working Man cuts choice vocal samples together with broken beat skills that tread new ground in an otherwise exhausted soulful house scene. Once coloured by the nuances of a nostalgic piano chord, wind and strings, the latter’s tone returns home to meet András’ emotions in the middle. Both tracks address his father’s trade as a plumber, their rhythm of work constituting the energy of the release without leaving behind the poetics of the project’s experience. Stereo Dunnies and Roof Metal Corrosion give an ambient take on the internal and external worlds of the house, before the final track synthesises the various acute and nervous textures of the release; eventually giving birth to the gentle emergence and fading of rising and falling chords that bespeak the dawn and dusk of truth: ’POETS Day’.
Listen Here:

Pearson Sound – XLB

With a release that isn’t exactly brand spanking new, Pearson Sound’s XLB, along with b-side Tsunan Sun, are finally pressed for official vinyl release. A stalwart of dance floors and festivals for the last 5 months, XLB has gained notoriety as a sure fire way to send a baying crowd into hysterics. A particular favourite of David Kennedy’s Hessle Audio label mates Ben UFO and Pangaea, the A-side of this self-release is a testament to Pearson Sound’s diverse production techniques. Wide assortments of mechanical sounds trickle downwards, descending towards a drop that blows both minds and speakers alike. Unique and exciting, XLB and Tsunan Sun add to Pearson Sounds’ already impressive discography, with the former a likely contender for many blogs ‘Track of the Year’ lists once 2016 comes to a close
Listen Here:

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