Coming Up | 20/08/2016

Ma Spaventi – Isola Sommersa

In a climate where four track EP have become the standard it’s not often we come across such an outstanding nine track album, especially one as consistent as Isola Sommersa by Ma Spaventi. Our first exposure to this release was at Dekmantel Festival when Joey Anderson dropped the final track, ‘Titanic Moments’, mid-way through his set. A beautifully constructed euphoric builder that brings an end to an exploring and creatively driven release. An underlying appreciation of smooth acid lines ring throughout, broken only by vast prophetic expanses created by a tight but airy array of hats. Spaventi shows an outstanding ability to create space within the tracks coupled by an uncompromisingly calming attitude through that hugs the ears of all who delve. It’s hard to single out any notable dips in quality through all nine included. Instead the album ebs and flows through Spaventi’s vision; seductive in its story and spanning a wide variety of styles and approaches to its genre.
Listen here:

Faster Action – Soka Loka

In the latest from record label L.I.E.S, Faster Action (Robert Bergam and Interstellar Funk) give us ‘Soki Loka’, a high intensity two track EP exploring the more industrial side of techno production. An alien ship arrives overheard and blares it’s deafening horns, at least that’s what it sounds like when ‘Soki Loka’ begins; fusing sawing bellowing tones to a relentless drum beat and throbbing baseline, Faster Action manage to create a heart pounding, eye widening and thoroughly engrossing A side. Turn over to experience the equally as powerful and invigorating B side ‘Disaster Crash’, rounding off the EP without slowing down one bit. Another release in the limelight at the illustrious Dekmantel festival this year, ‘Soki Loka’ proved that it has the calibre to get a crowd excited. Supposedly an individual effort by Interstellar Funk but still released under the Faster Action name, this release adds to a rapidly expanding and ever as impressive L.I.E.S catalogue for 2016.
Listen here:

Die Roh / Trudge – Split EP

Axe Traxx’s new Split EP is exactly the kind of release that you come to regret initially skimming over when it’s £20 on Discogs. With the producers Die Roh and Trudge taking turns this release packs a mean punch. The highlight of the release is Trudge’s Give that masterfully slides Alicia Key’s Unthinkable into the lo-fi genre; the original’s pitched up vocals and emotional piano combine perfectly with his drum work. Die Roh’s Coming Out isn’t bad either, utilising Bah Samba’s Reach Inside it is a much more chilled than the original with its percussion paying homage to Route 8’s I Can’t.
Listen here:

Magic Mountain High – Spacepod

Magic Mountain High finally live up to their name with the release Spacepod on Future Times. Inviting you on the most chilled out airline possible this House EP really does get off the ground, and possesses great ingenuity under its playful appearance. The unmixed title track’s slow tempo plays to its advantage as by the time it takes off with its high frequency synths it really gets you grooving. On the B side there is the Podlover mix and Club Dubz. The former introduces a low frequency bassline and the latter explores a strange, but enticing, sound somewhere between Downtempo and instrumental Grime.
Listen here:

Ricardo Villalobos – Detroit Heroes

A colossal figure in the world of electronic music, Ricardo Villalbos returns for another release on Frankfurt based label raum…musik with two-track EP ‘Detroit Heroes’. Maintaining his penchant for slow, unfurling music surpassing the ten-minute mark, both ‘Alterverwalter’ and ‘Detroit Herpes’ present interesting ideas to the listener and appreciate over time. Each consecutive listen throws up new surprises and, much like his sets, require a full listen if true appreciation is to be found. The minimal A-side centres on a jittery guitar riff and omnipresent kick, intermittently accompanied by claps and bursts of slide guitar, which present themselves in unpredictable fashion throughout the track. If ‘Alterverwalter’ is an appropriate 6pm jaunt, the flip is most certainly constructed for 12 hours later. Dark and brooding, a bassline that hints at acid throughout drives the track onwards past the elven minute mark, marauding through smatterings of percussion. This is a great return to form from the Chilean-born German and will surely grace many a dance floor as summer draws to an end.
Listen Here:

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