Coming Up | 28/08/2016

Seahawks – Escape Hatch

Our highlight of the week is ‘Escape Hatch’ from John Tye and Peter Fowler’s project ‘Seahawks’. I would love to tell you more about this duo however they seem to be lost at sea in the ever growing media age. Their 10th release so far rides through the Balearic waves and foggy melodies that they have previously mastered in earlier releases. ‘Escape Hatch’ manages to transcend the music to instil a warm calming emotion, lulling the listener into a hazy twilight dream. With each new release Seahawks have managed to create something more brilliant than the one before, each one a measure of perfection on the next. It’s hard to think of another artist(s) that has created outstanding music so consistently as Tye and Fowler have; if you find the time we truly recommended delving into their back catalogue and engrossing yourself in their soft oceanic bliss. Seahawks records are notoriously hard to get hold of – once only pressing 10 copies of ‘Is this It?’ – however this one is still available online so grab one while you can.
Listen here:

Folamour – Fort Bellefleur

Released on Noir & Blanche – a new sub label of Delicieuse Records – Folamour’s ‘Fort Bellefleur’ reminds us of the joys of French house music. Gliding through the release we can experience Folamour’s skills in exquisitely blending live instrumentals with mellow deep house beats and alluring samples. He has previously released records on Fauxpas Musik and his own co-founded label Moonrise Hill. With the introduction of ‘Fort Bellefleur’, Noir & Blanche are off to a good start. We can only hope that this new label continues to produce fresh, original releases; with the support of Delicieuse Records we are certain that this is a feat that is more than achievable. There’s nothing not to like about this release, demonstrating his talents in creating evocative smooth house music, Folamour yet again creates a release that is certain to put a smile on even the most stone faced person.
Listen here:

Hieroglyphic Being – The Disco’s of Imhotep

Hieroglyphic being breaks his way into our highlights this week with a 9 track release called ‘The Disco’s of Imhotep’. Blending different styles with ease the Chicago born producer delights us with a release insistent on the beauty of the ‘Afro-Futurist’ concepts he never seems to falter from. Although he manages to create a release that holds tracks fitting of many different styles of sets, the album never seems to stray from a graceful low-fi techno appeal. The highlight for us has got to be ‘Sepulchral Offerings’ but that’s not to say the others fall short. ‘Spiritual Alliances’ lifts with a beautiful acidy bassline and diluted synth patterns whilst ‘Heru’ – although only being a minute long – oozes with that epic big room techno sound reminiscent of recent Randomer sets. Aligning with its name, ‘The Disco of Imhotep’ really takes you through the beauty of the Egyptian countryside whilst also giving an unforgiving portrayal of the hardships the lifestyle was accustom to.
Listen here:

Convextion – 2845

Convextion return with his second release of the year, the spectacular ‘2845’ on Artless. After the ambient stylings of the ‘Acido 22’ 12”, Gerard Hanson moves into darker territory with this powerful seven track album of techno wizardry. Track names such as ‘Exploration’ and ‘Distant Transmission’ are testament to both the concept of the release and the sounds employed. With a selection of synths that Vangelis would be proud of, Convextion succeeds in combining the eerie atmosphere of Blade Runner with the rave scene from The Matrix Reloaded. Wading through a wide range of sounds spanning the dissonant expanse between techno and electro, ‘2845’ provides a welcome addition to a discography that prior to this year had remained dormant since 2007. Not one to oversaturate his back catalogue, Hanson’s sci-fi thriller cements his position as one of the most mysterious and intriguing minds in electronic music
Listen here:

Les Yeux Orange – Coco / Jungle

Since this group of producers and DJs began a radio show in 2015, they have been securing gigs across Europe, partly due to the magic like this that they pull from the maturing crates of their long time DJs and collectors Noctambulo and Humangigz. With producers LeonxLeon and Alan Dente, Les Yeux Orange inaugurate their label Good Plus with an A side that unearths, extends and retouches the sweet and soulful meander of Maya’s ‘Lait De Coco’. Their timely intervention calls this track back from its waltz over the sunset of cool, to electropic sands hosted on rooftops in Paris, and into the eyes of dancers. Via Kleeer kind samples, LYO filler funk with pristine production, and their insightful treatment gives a profound return to Maya’s fanciful melancholy. In knowing conceits, Coco’s emphatic chorus stresses his Balearic-ballad side and plays out a dance with the lonely and proud soul of smooth jazz expression: long lost matches united. Taking off, flying cosmic from the beach ballad, up and into the woods, Jungle heightens the rush of the euro-disco march ‘Jungle Man’. With steady purpose this tribal kitsch masterpiece rises on an unforgettable raw-toned bassline synth and an extravagant narrator, laying bare existence’s pantomime over anarchy. With Balearic oscillations and refrains, a timeless siren-signalled crescendo booms this tragic drama, rising on strings, synths, gasps, wails, screams, and hails to the rule of the jungle. Les Yeux Orange have stepped forward with eclectic resources, clear talent and beautiful tones; certainly one to watch.
Listen here:

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