Coming Up | 05/09/2016

KiNK – Valentines Groove

With his first solo release of 2016, Bulgarian maestro Kink delivers the two track EP ‘Valentines Groove’. Known for his eclectic live sets and mastery in production, Kink has built a big reputation for himself in recent years. For some it is difficult to maintain such a high however he seems to effortlessly thrill every crowd and listener that his work reaches; watching him live you can see the joy that performing and creating music brings to him, perhaps the key to his success. Valentine’s groove reflects this joy, both tracks on the EP bursting with vibrancy and flavour and that all important touch of class. Our particular favourite is the B side ‘Strings’, slowly building and ever tasteful you can easily picture it playing to a glistening sunrise to ease the morning in. Another fantastic release to add to the plethora of good music that this man has produced.
Listen here:

Spirit Of Love – The Power Of Your Love / He’s Alright

The honour of being the last ever song played at seminal London club Plastic People was bestowed upon ‘The Power of Your Love’ by Four Tet and Floating Points right back at the start of 2015. Fast forward to summer of 2016 and Spirit Of Love’s music is given new life, as Athens Of The North reissue this vital slice of gospel-inflicted disco along with B-side ‘He’s Alright’. Initially released on the 1978 album of the same name, both tunes are the brainchildren of gospel mainstay Calvin Bridges. With stunning vocals performed by little known Ann Craft, both tracks are powerful and euphoric reminders of the beauty religion can still inspire in this largely secular age.
Listen here:

Various Artists – SNFW002

Shall Not Fade’s second, various artist white label compilation sprays in and out of edits of Michael Jackson’s ‘Baby Be Mine’ and ‘Liberian Girl’ with an afrobeat interlude, finally beaming up Keith Sweat’s ‘Lets Make it Last Forever’. All take sparks of the 80s and colour them in contemporary shades, mixing them into the distance, casting their soul back into the air, and reinforcing particular feelings in the present. The first loops the King of Pop’s exuberant swoon song to a perfect love through accelerated vocal revolutions, motors them with pounding subs and funky bass, and fills with cascading synths. Following a funk whipped afrobeat, sung along with by circling bluesy vocals that fade in the mix, he returns. Bongo pops give more space to the vocals this time, as well as the downbeat bass, which presses the mystique of his fancy—not an illusion ‘like in the movies’—into the everyday. Last but certainly not least, Keith Sweat’s partner-echoed dripping serenade is sped up to a regular house beat, toning up voices. In true label style, the release as a whole, and particularly this last track, evokes casting in eternity, this version of Make it Last Forever mixes a wallowing swan song from a steamy pool into a cold siren call elixir.
Listen here:

Music People – Always On

The ever impressive Mood Hut deliver once again on the forthcoming single “Always On”. A collaboration between some of best known names in the Vancouver scene this release under the group name “Music People” is almost certainly the anthem of the end of summer. Of the three versions offered up the opening “Club Mix” is the show stopper. If the easy break beats, euphoric synths, jazzy lounge keys, and grooving bassline are not enough, then beautiful vocals are sure to make you want one more evening of summer in a beer garden reminiscing. The “Bonus Beats” version is more psychedelic affair. The layering and looping vocal, subtle acid bleeps in the background, and occasionally reversed drums make it a far more club orientated mix which it is virtually impossible not to sway along with. The “Original Mix” starts as an ambient piece and begins slowly building until the driving baseline comes in, completely changing the nature and textures. Yet there is still a sense of continuous building into something more. Closing off the single we are given “Four”, an outright club track driven by pulsing kick-drums married with some serious swing on the keys and claps reminiscent of the early Chicago sound. All in all the latest Mood Hut outing is another sterling piece from the Canadian scene, providing a superb sunset to summer.
Listen here:

Sithou – Oso EP

Sithòu delivers to us his Oso Ep to fill this weeks spot. Skilfully made techno rolls through the first two tracks. The namesake – Oso – is beautifully constructed around a focal guitar that flits between tight, dubby bass notes. The second – Delia – hypnotises with a strong repeating vocal progression over atmospheric bass lines. We imagine this one could really capture and allure a crowd if played out. The LIZZ remix tips it’s hat at the remixer’s Romanian heritage with a smoother take to the output. This is Sithòu’s first proper release on Valioso Recordings after impressing with his track ‘Baequm’ on their Valioso & friends VA. We look forward to see how the future pans out for this talented young German producer.
Listen here:

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