Coming Up | 21/09/2016

Maheras – EBE

Steadily growing LA vinyl imprint Into The Woods continue their progression with the release of EBE, the latest four track EP of producer Jimmy Maheras. Bridging the gaps between acid, house and electro, the New York native’s latest release takes on a distinctly sci-fi quality. Title track ‘EBE’ is heavily indebted stylistically to artists of the early 90s such as LFO, with its acid soaked melodies accompanied by a robotic voice hailing a ‘Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity’. Followed by a remix by Radioactive Man and the otherworldly electro jaunt ‘Pusher’, the release continues in impressive fashion. However, final track ‘Vision’ sends this record to the new level. Following in the electro tradition forged decades ago in his home city, Maheras uses more dissonant, robotic vocal samples to great effect, conjuring a mesmerising, dreamy atmosphere. This record is sure to see some action in our future sets.
Listen here:

Yoshinori Hayashi – The Forgetting Curve

The first ever release on Raw MT’s Jinn label comes from Yoshinori Hayashi. Having previously put out material on UK based Going Good, Hayashi continues his penchant for leftfield, with an EP that indicates its A-side is to be played in full, with no gaps between any of the songs. Consisting of three tracks, all incorporate a wide range of instruments that orchestrate an eerie atmosphere. Distorted bass patterns and off-kilter piano melodies are supplemented by drowned out vocal samples and spare percussion; it is music that feels broken. The B-side features a typically drawn out remix from DJ Sotofett of second track ‘Waterwheel’, featuring additional violin from Osaruxo and flute, percussion and synths from Sotofett himself. Surpassing the 11-minute mark it truly is a marvellous remix, and lives up to its billing as a ‘Dubcurve Fix Mix’ – deep and brooding, dark and mysterious. All in all this is a great release from an artist for whom little information seems available; safe to say we shall certainly be checking for his future releases.
Listen here:

Project Pablo – One For Some

It’s hard now to think of a time when Project Pablo hasn’t impressed since his coming of age in 2014. With notable releases this year such as ‘Beaubien Dream’ and the outstanding ‘I Want to Believe’ the year before he has continually impressed with his ability to create blissful, atmospheric house music. His third release of 2016 sees this quality stand tall once again. Released on the fitting Royal Oak, ‘One For Some’ shows a side of Patrick Hollands music that has been less illuminated. ‘Dustman’ and ‘Enough’ stay true to the Canadians signature sound, but the others – ‘No Rush’ and ‘In the Local’ – present something more mature, stormy minded and less calming. Saying this, neither lose sight of the unmistakable personality and skill that is always showered over his productions. As 2017 grows ever nearer we wonder if this is a tip to future productions. A move to explore something darker, reminiscent of early Detroit records, or simply just a moody day in the studio? Who knows.
Listen here:

45 ACP – Safe Return

45 ACP releases his second EP of the year on L.I.E.S’ sister label Russian Torrent Versions. Exploring the label’s harmonious side, Safe Return forgoes the discordant scuzzy jams that characterise much of the label’s output. The standout tracks are the A1 and B1 named Safe Return and Second Strike respectively. The title track’s crisp percussion keeps its magical ambient synths under wraps while the latter’s sombre tone unfolds slowly before charged synths release its stored tension. The other two tracks – Stage Clear and Digital Content – exhibit the oriental aesthetic of the L.I.E.S. label. Slower, and less ambitious in vision, they are certainly no worse than the standout tracks. Particularly enjoyable is Digital Content that tastefully combines groovy drums with a drawn-out ambient synth.
Listen here:

Doppelate – Wash It Out

Doppelate takes the reigns in Let’s Go Swimming’s second ever release following Mack Ness’s ‘Inter – Present’ out in June this year. ‘Wash It Out’ encompasses all that Let’s Go Swimming strive for, infused with beautiful melancholic chords and stripped back beats this release is perfect for both the peak and the eventual lull of the club night. A favourite is the last track of the EP, ‘Forget About You’, forming the perfect horizon between a chilled out ambient haze in the sky and the groove of the dance floor below it. This is Doppelate’s first release and it’s a good one, we can only hope to see more in the future from the South London based producer; giving a fantastic release to what is becoming a very tasteful and enjoyable new label.
Listen here:

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