Coming Up | 28/09/2016

Erosion Flow – Spectrums, Vol. 2

Erosion Flow brings us his second and final input to his ‘Spectrums’ volumes. His previous, a darker picture, is contrasted by this addition. Bringing colour and fiery emotion to Martyn’s 3024 label, ‘Eclipse’ rings wonderfully elated synths throughout its composition, mulled over by a brutal low end heart beat that sways between resisting subtlety and an adoring compliment to the sentiment of the track. ‘Syvv’ follows the same synth led path but plays slightly more down tempo. Muffled and a little broken, the lows are slender and comforting. The tracks make-up lending itself more to a smooth groove than a 3am dark dancefloor. The middle sibling ‘Better Way’ holds a chilled vocal and a more modular and variating synth. To use the word ‘sibling’ is a perfect resemblance of the fellowship of this release. Each track its own but never giving way to a differentiation in style or execution. A brilliant release that solidly stands tall at the front of this week’s podium.
Listen here:

Modaji – Belle Epoque

After ten years away from releasing records, Dominic Jacobson returns under the moniker Modaji with Belle Epoque. The first of two EPs on Utopia Records, it aims “to create music that is as listenable during the dusky twilight hours as it is at sunrise”. Aptly named after France’s beautiful era and covered by the contemporary Koloman Moser’s artwork of the American dance pioneer Loie Fuller, the record spans over thirty-four minutes and remains beautiful throughout. Possessing all the hallmarks of a mature artist, each cut is exquisite, layered with evocative pads that are sparingly used.
Listen here:

Marco Zenker – Phony Pictures

Marco Zenker returns to solo duties with another release on Ilian Tape – ‘Phony Pictures’. Leaving behind brother Dario for this spaced out jam through break-heavy, dark techno this record is the latest in a string of releases that has seen Ilian Tape establish its reputation as one of the most consistent labels around. The Dutch label, founded by the two brothers in 2007, is one of the most respected on the scene and tracks such as opener ‘Amb-01’ and closer ‘Motion’ are case in points for anyone who wants to understand why this position has been established. Unique without any sign of pretension, this EP has been an instant hit with us and is likely to feature prominently in our future sets.
Listen here:

Various Artists – BPLS003

September might be nearing its end, but for any BBQ enthusiasts out there we have the perfect soundtrack to set the grill aflame. The third instalment from Banoffee Pies Records’ series of compilations encompasses five laid back grooves featuring a plethora of jazzy samples. Wandering double-bass lines complement fleeting bursts of saxophone and trumpet as the likes of Ishmael, SofaTalk and Malcom deliver their own take on lounging house music. As akin to the slumber of an afternoon dance floor as to the reclining deck chair, this delightful combination of jazz and house-y breakbeats serves to extend this label’s growing reputation.

General Ludd – Sunshine Yellow

Rich McMaster and Tom Marshallsay, or as they are more commonly known General Ludd, serve up their third release in as many years on Mister Saturday Night. With a consistent quickening drum and shuddering high notes the title track ‘Sunset Yellow’ manifests into an altogether beautifully disorientating experience. ‘Brilliant blue’ takes a more rudimental approach, combining hollow bass notes and spacey overtones before breaking to lead onto the final track of the EP. Pierced by dazing percussive stabs the listener’s ear cannot break free from the closing track ‘Amaranth’, aided by heavy bass this rack is not one to be overlooked. General Ludd once again manage to create exquisite blends of house and techno, pushing the listener to their limits before finally bringing them back round to reality.
Listen here:

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