Coming Up | 07/10/2016

The Caretaker – Everywhere At The End Of Time

Returning to his guise of The Caretaker after four years away, James Kirby continues his sonic portrayal of human memory with ‘Everywhere At The End Of Time’, the first segment of a six-part project to be completed by March 2019. Having amassed an impressive canon of music over the last decade (including eight albums under this guise), Kirby returns to his oft studied subject of dementia. Having already carved out a niche of dissonant music built around samples of jazz 78s from the inter-war period, the project seeks to emphasise a sense of false nostalgia in the listener whereby the ‘advance and totality’ of dementia can be observed. This first chapter is representative of the initial phases of memory loss: ‘this stage is most like a beautiful daydream; the glory of old age and recollection – the last of the great days’. It is a moving and delicate aural experience, and certainly a strong continuation of Kirby’s work thus far. Clocking in just over the 40-minute mark, it is a piece that should be played in full, the distant crackle of a gramophone lacing each track into the same hazy, musical daydream.
Listen here:

Krakatau – Tharsis Montes / Apogean Tide

Hailing from Melbourne, friends James Tom and Dylan Lieberman spawned Krakatau; a jazz fusion/ progressive rock band exploring the more electric side to modern jazz. The A side of this EP is home to the spacey funk number ‘Tharsis Montes’, slow sexy synth lines invite you to be seduced by smooth bass licks and light hearted percussion in what is just pure joy for your sound receptacles. On the B side you can find ‘Apogean Tide’, again a master class in thoughtful, alluring jazz music. It explores a slightly different path than the former, moving with crashing symbols, bickering snares and twilight sax, this side shimmers with the dusk moons soft glow. Tom and Lieberman’s ability to fuse different styles and genres really shines through in this EP, full of emotion and panache this one is not to be missed!
Listen here:

Spooky J – Limbo Yam / Pfer

Tom Blip’s ever impressive Blip Discs introduce Spooky J for their forth release. As is to be expected from the label both the tracks are percussion heavy, with tribal polyrhythm’s forming the structure throughout both sides, however the release is also heavily influenced by Dub. “Limbo Yam” is a dark techno creeper. The ever present kicks keep heads nodding and shoulders swaying. Yet what sounds like warped steel drums are the real focus point. Consistent yet varying in intensity, these sounds give “Limbo Yam” a real dub feel, especially with the excellent use of echoing effects. The seemingly disjointed and sporadic nature of these sounds creates the dark atmosphere that makes “Limbo Yam” a very heavy hitting club tool. “Pfer” is a breath taking roller. This drum and bass inspired number exposes even more of the diverse influences of Spooky-J’s sound. In picking up the tempo the rapid tribal breaks are married with some wonderful half time kicks inducing an entrancing sway. The hushed synths creep around in the background, and more odd sounds continue to push the dub influences. “Pfer” is another track designed with dark dance floors in mind. BLIP004 continues to show the versatility of the label, while keeping within a rapidly developing framework and signature sound.
Listen here:

Denis Sulta – Nein Fortiate

It’s hard to remember a time over the last year when Denis Sulta hasn’t been in the limelight. With his latest release and the first on his own label he cements this position. ‘Nein Fortiate’ has been doing the rounds since mid-2015 and according to his Twitter did not have a planned release. Well that hasn’t stood tall and the classically-Sulta, melody-led record will feature as the inaugural ‘Sulta Selects’ release. Whilst this release is certainly imminent, in typical fashion the release dates are constantly changing with many online stores simply stating it’s coming ‘very soon’. However, both sides owe to his flawless production techniques and ability to consistently deliver energetic music ready for the dancefloor. A proprietor of DJ sets encompassing a charming and bouncy philosophy, it’s easy to see why this has been chosen as representative of this new imprint.
Listen here:

Various Artists – HDC003

Channelling label head Jordan Saxton, as Viers for their first release, and as LK closing this various artist press; since the start HDC have shown themselves committed to an excellent mark. Out of Leeds with Don Found; and circling with Soudbwoy Killah, the duo have hit the ground running, building first on their sound with a Mall Grab release, before here reaching out to other not so foreign fields over the world, highlighting like production talent that keeps our attention. To open the door, Ray Kandinski begins the knock from the deep. Building to drum up a heady haze, punctured with an ecstatic voice cut, its soul-power is then cleared to set the floor on fire, and flames go through the roof. From Germany to the US, we fall down from the high with Baltra’s Tear Drops. Submerged in their deep and wining swoon, we come up to see them in slow-cut waves, falling down from the sound and into our eyes. Washed over, and into the second half of the release, a new day is hailed by Hugo Jay’s Call You. Finally out of this hometown house groove, LK’s B side reinforces the label’s acute sample sensations crafted with grades of familiarity drawn in, cut up and slowed down; teasing and testing; calm and direct: I Want You. HDC is brimming with atmosphere, breaks with a strong selection of vocals and some of the subtlest classic and hardened house textures about—one to watch for sure.
Listen here:

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