Coming Up | 16/10/2016

Andrea – Wintermay

Following on from Marco Zenker’s ‘Phony Pictures’ last month comes ‘Wintermay’ from Zenker’s Ilian Tape label-mate Andrea – our record of the week. One of the most consistently impressive techno producers in the game right now, the Italian has established his position as one of the most intelligent and forward thinking of recent years. This latest releases see’s no deviation in style as Andrea’s signature ice cold synth sounds fall gently over heavy, lo-fi breaks. Opening track ‘Floating’ is as ambient as they come – a sea of glistening chords awaiting the earthy hysteria to come. With our feet on the ground the following three tracks lift our hands to the heavens, as pounding, distorted bass sounds intermingle with snappy, complex percussion. Adding to Ilian Tape’s incredibly impressive back catalogue, this is not one to be missed.
Listen here:

Don’t DJ – Musique Acephale

Just shy of 120 minutes of polyrhythms, Don’t DJ’s Musique Acephale is an absolute ball ache to review. Don’t take my word for it, send in your pieces to
Listen here:

Asusu – Hallucinator / Sendak

Asusu’s 2016 has seen the young producer split his time between creating an ambient driven live set and contributing towards his own productions which form the latest on Livity Sound. His recent material has grown around his live set and the style that encompasses that. The Hallucinator / Sendak twelve inch brings this back to be more familiar with where his sound was in 2013. Hallucinator harks to a modulated techno driven baseline and electric saw like noise that rips the sky’s apart. This same noise is perhaps even more devastating in Sendak. The track is stripped down and raw, a pounding heartbeat is torn open and abused as the growl of the saw intensifies throughout. Brilliantly primal in its entirety.
Listen here:

Various Artists – Quarter Series 003

Quarter Series enter the third chapter in their EP series with music from Tell, Darko Kustura, Loz Goddard and BAL 5000. With each release comprising four different artists each time, this record features four tracks of steady, accessible deep house across the board. Tell’s opener ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ is a jaunty, summery number. A slightly weightier graduate of school of thought from whence Ghost Town DJ’s ‘My Boo’ emerged, the track features breakdowns of sun-drenched synths and a reassurance that ‘This is Salvation’ from a sweet female vocal. The next two tracks following in a similar vein, the record takes a slightly weird turn as we stumble into ‘The Acid Is Mine But I Share’ from German producer BAL 5000. A strange combination of joviality and twisted eeriness greets us, supported by a grooving bass-line. Fun, friendly and featuring exceptional artwork, we’re certainly encouraged to look out for the 4th edition of the series.
Listen here:

TSVI – Sacred Drums

TSVI follows up his debut 2015 EP ‘Set You Free’ with this second release on Nervous Horizon, the London-based label headed by himself and Wallwork. ‘Sacred Drums’ is a quite appropriate name for this release: a percussion-heavy exhibition that may draw comparisons to music from the likes of Miss Modular and Mele. Opening track ‘The Healer’ features trap-influenced breakdowns and hushed, murmured vocals, setting the record off with the high levels of energy that persist throughout. Second track ‘Darabukka’, the lovechild of Lil Silva’s ‘Seasons’ and ‘9th Ritual’ by Miss Modular is testament if ever their was one of TSVI’s preference towards music reliant on drums to give it it’s character. A fun, high octane release, ‘Sacred Drums’ holds plenty of ammunition for DJs looking to take a festival set by storm
Listen here:

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