Coming Up | 11/11/2016

Chaos in the CBD – Subterranean Storm

Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales have been quietly building up a reputation as one of the most consistent DJing and production duos in recent years, and since moving to London from New Zealand in 2012 have firmly established themselves within the underground. Latest release Subterranean Storm can be seen as akin to their coming of age in terms of their production. Sleek and shimmering, the EP’s three tracks portray Chaos in the CBD as maturing into their position as leading proponents of jazz inflected house music. Their second release on the ever impressive Mule Musiq imprint, Subterranean Storm is a must-have for any fan of deep house music, and is sure to still be turning heads when summer 2017 rolls around.
Listen here:

Various Artists – Mind Over Matter

In a year that has already seen strong releases from DJ Metatron, Olin and Leafar Leagov, cult German label Giegling present their twentieth release: the fourteen-track compilation ‘Mind Over Matter’. Comprising label mainstays such Edward, Kettenkarrussell and Ateq, as well as associates like Vril, Map Ache and Loewe, the LP presents the listener with a variety of music both old and new. Track’s such as Metatron’s ‘State of Me’ and Leagov’s ‘Your Vibe’ have already benefited from exposure in various Giegling artist’s mixes, generating hype for the record amongst the label’s devoted followers. ‘Unreleased’ becoming a word somewhat synonymous with Giegling adds to the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds the label, already fostered by their unique, ethereal take on modern dance music. Carefully gliding through an assortment of energies and emotions, Mind Over Matter is an essential item for any fan of forward-thinking electronic music.
Listen here:

A Made Up Sound – Bygones

Dave Huismans has been one of the most innovative and influential artists of recent years, always pushing the limits and discovering new sounds on his label A Made Up Sound. Bygones is the tenth and final release to grace the label after 7 years of productions. In his own words he has now done all he wanted to do with the label. Bygones features two tracks, both over the eight minute mark. This EP is a lot more contemplative and subtle than previous releases; rolling hypnotic techno is the subject matter here in an all too mesmerising final single. To coincide with the release of this final single, a compilation of the history of AMUS has been released on October 21st, containing twenty tracks previously released on the prosperous label.
Listen here:

Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda – Priestess / Bravada

Never diverting from his signature sound Harvey Sutherland brings us another low-riding house EP to add to his already impressive collection. After a string of successful releases on People’s Potential Unlimited, Echovolt, Voyage and a release on MCDE’s imprint that put him on the map it’s easy to see how his name is steadily gravitating to household status. Priestess / Bravada, released on his own Clarity Recordings, arks to the disco influence prevalent through his career. Heavy pianos rise and fall throughout Priestess, whilst Sutherland’s throbbing, synthesised bassline strings the track together. Without taking away from his personal influence, it is evident that his band of musicians – ‘Bermuda’- help to bring the record together. Since debuting as an ensemble for the MCDE release the groups chemistry seems to be going from strength to strength.
Listen here:


The fifth release from Amotik see’s the continuation of the German’s fiery brand of dark, brooding techno. Two tracks in length, the 12” is a testament to much of the music coming out of Amotik’s home city of Berlin. Opening track Pandrah is a furious ode to the more serious, driving sounds of producers such as Clouds and Karenn. Whilst a useful tool in maintaining a dance floor’s energy, one can’t help but feel that this is somewhat techno for the lobotomised. The flip side ‘Solah’ however, brings much more character and vibrancy to the record. Melancholic chords of soaring strings float, ghostly over the driving body of the track, the bliss fading away into the percussive darkness as the record reaches it’s bitter end.

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