Coming Up | 18/11/2016

Hodge – Body Drive

Bristolian stalwart Hodge comes through with his first solo release of 2016: the three track EP Body Drive. Having previously dropped an EP with Randomer for Dnuos Ytivil in September, his debut NoCorner release heralds a return to his signature atmospheric, considered brand of techno. Haunting melodies flood this record in abundance, with each track being continuous in their drive either upwards or downwards. The progressive nature of this record is what makes it so strong, and final track ‘Personality Shift’ is testament to this. An absolutely outstanding production, a beat-less and frantic opening two minutes subside into a soothing bass sound, which is soon joined by percussion which spirals round and round until the record expires into a dizzying bliss.

Lord Of The Isles – In Waves

ESP institute further solidify their reputation as a label that continues to break boundaries in modern music, not defined by a single genre but rather embracing the whole sonic spectrum with their releases. Neil McDonald aka Lord of the Isles takes the reigns in the latest offering from the label with In Waves, a seventeen track album with flecks of ambient, techno, disco and everything in-between. In Waves is comprised of previously unreleased music from Neil, recomposed and put together after a digging session through his personal back catalogue with the ESP crew.

Jayda G – Sixth Spirit Of The Bay

Having recently made her inaugural performance for the Boiler Room, Jayda G follows up with a lighthearted house record which encapsulates the fun style she has crafted in recent years. Keeping with the theme of firsts it’s also her premier release on 1080p. Sixth Spirit Of The Bay lays fun percussion alongside legitimising basslines. The Vancouver influence is clear in the output; conjuring images of strolling carelessly through a park ring triumphant eulogies to the summer just gone. Fun, friendly and fantastic is how we see it. Not succumbing to global misery and heartbreak but sifting through the highs to produce something uplifting and beautiful.

Fantastic Man – Galactic Ecstasy

Previously mentioned in this feature for a remix of Maheras’ E.B.E., Fantastic Man returns to the fold with Galactic Ecstasy, an EP released via German imprint Kitjen. Featuring a wide variety of minimal sounds, the producer combines acid, breaks and atmospheric melodies to compose an EP diverse in technique, yet still managing to hold together a unified sound. Whilst ‘Acid Martin’ pounds and sears the listener’s ears with it’s unrelenting, slightly sombre melody, ‘Legoman’ brings a more grooving sound to the table. Both however, follow the dreamy vibe that permeates throughout the record, which will no doubt be on regular rotation of many DJs this winter.

Luis – Dreamt Takes

Our second release from Canada’s 1080p this week comes from New Yorker Brian Pinyero a.k.a. Luis. Previously releasing under such meta pseudonyms as DJ Xanax and DJ Python, Luis leaves behind the nonsense on Dreamt Takes for a frank and emotional sonic observation of human isolation. Whilst this record breaks no new musical ground, it does offer an enjoyable take on popular trends in electronic music at present – such as incorporation of slowed jungle breaks into more house-orientated productions. Whilst there is clearly a looming glass ceiling, Dreamt Takes takes from elsewhere in an attempt at dreaming big, and succeeds in producing some thoroughly enjoyable music, with final track ‘Kirgaly’ a particular highlight.

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