Coming Up | 25/11/2016


Vincen – YYY875

Illustrious label YYY series return with YYY875 from French producer and Yoyaku mastering engineer, Vincen. Released and distributed by Yoyaku this release is the first in the white series by the label. The mastery in production really shines through in this release, both tracks shimmering with a mesmerising intergalactic essence. Tripped out synth lines ring throughout, with bass wobbles and well placed drums. This is techno for the stars, caught in the cosmic horizon above, with no intention of returning to earth. It is quite right therefore for this to be our record of the week.

Collins – Autophobia

‘Twisted electro-nightdrive stormers for revenge fantasies and futurist cyberpunk sex dungeons, dreamlike replicant discotheques or if the Boccaccio Club existed in Liquid Sky’ – this is how Collins’ latest release Autophobia sounds to Giallo Disco.Whilst such colourful imagery teeters menacingly on the dark verges of subjectivity, this record is without doubt a dark, brooding affair. Flooding the dark chasm between techno and electro, Autophobia’s rampant sound certainly takes no prisoners – dungeon or no dungeon. Featuring a remix from Giallo favourite Protector 101, this record really came out of the blue for us, and would be a welcome addition to any electro-lover’s record collection.

Air Cushion Finish – Flink

The third release from Lullabies For Insomniacs comes from Berlin’s own Air Cushion Finish. The duo, comprising jayrope and Lippstueck, have been steadily crafting their current eerie, dissonant sound since 2007, the latest product of which is the full-length LP Flink. Comprising nine tracks, this record is the duo’s eighth, was recorded with long-term artistic partner Thierry Amar. Described by the label as: ‘swaying, swinging and bouncing, boldly careful, like a transparent tattoo on your forehead’, this is most certainly an unorthodox work. However, nestled within the unorthodoxy is a gentle and cleansing record that washes over the listener like a cool autumn breeze.

Mark Ernestus vs Obadikah – April

Honest Jon’s continue their successes this year with the release of the 12” ‘April’, a collaborative effort between Mark Ernestus and Obadikah. An extremely dubby affair, the record features the original version of the track alongside two new edits by the producer’s themselves. Featuring distorted horns and a thumping kick drum, this reverb-laden slice of techno is the perfect accompaniment to the start or end of the night. An impressive and stylish effort, we will definitely keep our eyes peeled for further releases on Honest Jon’s as we break into the new year.

Avalon Emerson – Narcissus In Retrograde

2016 has been a fantastic year for Arizona native producer and DJ Avalon Emerson. Following on from her jaw-dropping release on Whities earlier in the year comes the EP ‘Narcissus In Retrograde’ on another highly regarded imprint, Spectral Sounds. Four tracks in length, this record doesn’t command the same immediate excitement garnered by ‘The Frontier’ and ‘2000 Species Of Cacti’, but still is an intriguing record. Opening track ‘Natural Impasse’ features a pounding, off-kilter bassline, complemented by her consistently fantastic mastery of synth sounds. Followed up by the spacey voyage of ‘Dystopian Daddy’, this record, despite tailing off slightly toward the end, has plenty of material to enjoy.

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