Coming Up | 16/12/2016

Reboot – Are You Losing My Mind

In the latest single from Reboot’s new album ‘aLIVE’ we see the release of Are You Losing My Mind, including two excellent remixes from Ricardo Villalobos. This EP is a long journey into madness, finding the peace in the distortion before unravelling itself again into complete lunacy. The first track would be considered spooky in general terms but is nothing compared the remixes proved by Villalobos, especially the Losing My Miles remix that features last on the EP. This 24 minute chaotic gem is a masterclass in breaking down a track into its primal elements; never boring over its length, Villalobos carefully deconstructs the original to produce something quite bizarre and all together strangely beautiful.

Kinetic Electronix – Music For Beings

In just the few years they have been operating the Vancouver based label ‘Mood Hut’ has managed to cement itself as one the most prevalent outputs for the lazy Sunday afternoon spheres of house music. This time Kinetic Electronix hold the helm of the labels 15th release. Hazy chimes and nonchalant synth lines are typical through an EP that slots without effort into the impressive back catalogue of similar soundscapes. There’s no leap of faith when a new release appears under the handwritten logo. No worry of it’s substance or prestige and no breath taken before hurriedly pre-ordering the next record. ‘Music for Beings’ is no exception to this. A testament to the curation and a joy to the fans.

Delroy Edwards – Hangin’ At The Beach

Prolific L.A. native Delroy Edwards returns to action with his fifth full length release since 2014. Complimented by several 12” releases, Edwards has built up a unique and exciting discography showcasing his lo-fi take on funk inflected house music. Hangin’ At The Beach encompasses much of this sound, a collection of short, tinny productions that really keeps the mind on it’s proverbial toes. As interesting as it is enjoyable, this is most certainly one of the best electronic LPs of 2016 – go check it out!

Maizena – Sojouring Music

The second release on No Hands comes from Denmark’s Maizena, in the form of Sojouring Music. Their leftfield take on deep house has made for impressive results – atmospheric, emotive timbres are arranged eloquently alongside driving, comfortable percussion. Whilst perhaps not an instant success on for some listeners, this is music that has only appreciated over time for us; repeated listens revealing a depth of structure to the music’s production and composition that keeps us coming back for more.

Lord Of The Isles – Parabolas Of Neon EP

Lord Of The Isles continues his impressive year with this EP put out on Firecracker Recordings – Parabolas Of Neon. Having already put got one of the LPs of the year under his belt in the form of In Waves, out on ESP Institute. Continuing in a similar vein, the music floats eloquently, encompassing his unique take on house music. Featuring a couple of more ambient bits as well, this EP almost feels like a small album as opposed to a simple collection of tracks. 2016 has certainly cemented Lord Of The Isles position as one of the most exciting artists currently on the scene.

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