Coming Up | 23/12/2016

Far Electronics – Inner Language

Far Electronics serve up four techno/electro hybrids in their debut EP on Omnidisc. Not much can be found on this emergent act however the quality of this release says more than any biography or review ever could. Storming through the gates with title track Inner Language, a destroyer if we’ve ever heard one, this track is sure to turn the dance floor into putty in its hands. Personal favorite on the EP is the B2 White Light, hinting at the night with sparkling notes and a rumbling bass throughout. All in all a great debut for the artist(s) and a fantastic release to top off a successful 2016 for the label.

Bass Clef – Entendrillar

Slinging into this weeks highlights is a jaunty number on The Trilogy Tapes by hackney based artist Bass Clef. Jittering piano lines begin the one track release before sloping into balloon like base. Never settling into any parameters of structure ‘Entendrillar’ flows without a foreseeable pattern. This isn’t to say madness ensues but instead a wonderfully energetic array of broken offbeat hats and chords lead a story rather than disrupt it. As Resident Advisor puts it “A leftfield rave banger” that cements the london lads rising profile.

Sven Grunberg – Anima 1977-2001

Frotee has carved out it’s niche as a label through the reissuing of Estonia’s seemingly vast stocks of pop music from Estonia’s recent history. Recent releases have seen a variety of jazz and balaeric oriented records, and now turns to the otherworldy new age sounds of Sven Grunberg. Previously a member of one of his country’s most prominent prog rock bands, in the late 70s Grunberg turned to creating ambient music for low-budget animated films. This is record is a compilation of unreleased music intended for the screen. Reminiscent of artists such as Vangelis and Alan Hawkshaw, this record will live long in the memory.

The Violet Hour – Ultraviolet

Berlin based label Cocktail D’Amore come through with their sixth release of 2016, The Violet Hour’s ‘Ultraviolet’. A collaboration between Massimiliano Pagliara and Fort Romeau, this three-track record is a showcase for the groove-driven spaced out style that both artists have become associated with over the years. With a deceptively laid-back intensity the duo wade their way through a range of emotions from threatening melancholy to glittering euphoria with equal damage potential for festivals and club spaces.

Unknown Artist – Hardcore Edits 1

Supposedly emerging from Klasse Wrecks in Berlin this edit EP carries little information about itself. A tribute to early UK Hardcore artists, contained inside are four weapons designed to destroy the dance floor. With the recent sway towards Hardcore leaning Techno in the modern dance scene it’s no surprise to see artists reverting to that 1990’s sound. Pick of the EP would have to be Track 1, masterful breaks, a bouncing bassline and rave era vocal samples, this track would make sweat drip off the ceilings in any crowd it touches.

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