Coming Up | 30/12/2016

Distant Memories – Miki Miyoshi

The distinguished honour of being named our final record of the week for 2016 falls at the feet of mysterious producer Miki Miyoshi. The artists’ first major output, Distant Memories portrays a producer seemingly steeped in years of practice. Sleek and stylish, the release moves through an array of deep, dub-inflected sounds – drawing the listener in, the sounds enveloping the mind. The second release on Chicago’s Sovereign State, Distant Memories has earmarked Miyoshi as an artists we will be keeping a keen eye on in 2017. Do yourself a favour and have a listen to this wonderful record.

Organism – John Blackford

The seemingly greatest achievement of John Blackford’s latest record Organism lays in it’s ability to defy general conventions of genre without ever losing it’s identity. A release drenched in sorrow and serenity in equal measure, it possesses a certain cinematic quality – dark and brooding, Organism would be well suited to soundtrack a film of deep space exploration. Drawing clear influence from dubstep and electro, as well as the brand of IDM popularised by artists such as Autechere and Squarepusher, Blackford suceeds in creating one of the most engaging and intriguing records of the last few months.

Kabuki – Young Wolf

A match made in heaven and one that has finally came to a conclusion is the collaboration between Young Marco and Wolf Müller. Heavily anticipated their inaugural output under the joint alias Young Wolf brings the typical Wolf percussive tender and the spacey sound palettes of Marco to great success. The A-side tilts its head slightly in the direction of the former. An all round tribalistic mentality surrounds the rolling drums and shakers whilst ‘Kabuki’ – the title of the release – is chanted throughout. The B shows more Marco influence. Without derailing from the rolling drum patterns the latter brings the dreamscapes that made him famous into prominence once again. Drifting and light it’s contrasts the the ritual version perfectly. From animalistic pleasures to worshiping the stars.

Ode To The Sea – Indirect Meets Nikolaienko

An Ode to the Sea is the latest to come out of Muscut – a “cross-genre label focusing on Eastbloc modest psychedelia” as discogs puts it. Recorded in Odessa and Kyiv this one salutes the artists memories and present relationship with the sea. Label head Dmytro Nikolaienko says his influence for the album arks back to childhood memories and appreciation of film soundtracks of the marine theme. As he puts it, it is his whole maritime experiences condensed into his part of the music. For Gennadiy Boychenko (Indirect) it’s much more an emotional portrait of right now. Reflecting an ever present relationship with the deep blue that never seems to wander.

Natasha – Noble Drew Ali

Latest signee to the Rysunku imprint Morrell Maison, a.k.a. Noble Drew Ali, celebrate the occasion with the release of his debut EP – ‘Natasha’. Coming from the left-field of electronic music production, the 5-track record is reminiscent of a stripped back take on the work of artists such as Mssingo and Iglew. Strangled arpeggios and mournful, glowing base layers of synth are accompanied by percussion as notable for it’s sparsity as for it’s powerful impact.

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