Coming Up | 13/01/2017

Leif – July V / Shoulders Back

Our first record of the week for 2017 comes from UK-based producer and DJ Leif. July V / Shoulders Back is also the first release on Leif’s own imprint Tio Series – which will focus on releasing 10-inch records of off-kilter, melodic music. This first release is a case in point, with two exceptional tracks of intriguing complexity and style, emblematic of Leif’s years of experience as a producer. Opening track July V’s swirling synths and low, driving bass resembles much of Hodge’s recent work – sonic nitrous oxide. These dreamy and groovy qualities can be found on B-side ‘Shoulders Back’ also, rounding off an 10” as suited to the dancefloor as the 6 AM sofa.

FLØRIST presents V. ROSSO – Windows On The World

A great start to 2017 for the label ‘World Building’ brings us ‘Windows on the World’ by Florist. A long awaited release that has been doing the rounds since late 2015 is finally here and it’s fair to say we’re not disappointed.Bringing the signature deep house sound from Vancouver that’s been ever presents since the success of labels like Mood Hut it fits nicely into today’s discography. Combining elements from of Italo House, UK garage and dubbed techno it furthers this sound. Not tempted to sit within the current spheres of it’s genre, it’s light and refreshing on the ears and reqrds those who don’t let it go after a first listen. It’s clear to see why this has already sold out of many stores, we’re just happy we got our copy while we could.

Steffi & Dexter – Zatlap

Long-time collaborators and heavyweights of Dutch electronic music Steffi & Dexter return to our sonic sphere once more with this stunning EP out on Klakson – the electro juggernaut that is Zatlap. This is fast-paced, energetic music screaming to be unleashed on a crowd of baying, sweat-soaked ravers. Whereas repetition is often the downfall of many techno and electro producers, here this experienced duo use it to excellent effect: the subtleties that surround the melodies holding the energy intact without once verging on tedious. This is not one to be missed!

Joe Claussell – Residue / TECTORP 18.1

Joe Claussell with a brilliant EP on his label Sacred Rhythm, as expected from the great this EP is undoubtedly good, drawing inspiration from the decades he has spent in the music business. This one sided 12” has only one piece on it that could properly be defined as a track, second on the EP, Matter Of Factness, at seven and a half minutes long this slow burner really digs into what makes a top quality tune and showcases Claussell’s mastery of the sonic sphere. First on the EP appears a two minute long dubby trip of synths and low tones, accompanied on release by three sample tools to add depth to a set. The only thing that we don’t like about this EP is the price…..£25….but going on the value of Claussell’s other works this record will only rise in price and let’s be honest you won’t sell it anyway because it’s so darn good!

Central – Basil EP

The ninth effort to be released on Help Recordings comes from Dekmantel signee, the DJ and producer Central. A modicum of gentle house groovers, the Basil EP exhibits the kind of warm fuzzy cuts that we come to expect from hazy, sunny afternoons at Amsterdam’s signature musical attraction. Light and airy, Central succeeds in orchestrating feelings of dim euphoria – three tracks that any listener can take comfort in, knowing that the beat will keep rolling and the bass walking. Add in the clean as a whistle artwork and you have yourself a record sir.

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