Coming Up | 21/01/2017

ZZZ – J Mono

When the final track on your record sounds as if it has accidentally been set on to 45 rpm, then you know you have a silly album on your hands. Hungarian producer Lorant Keresztes’ first output under his J Mono moniker is a frightfully fun menagerie of sounds, a six-track amalgamation of electro, juke and synth-pop. The jubilant, Zelda-esque pomp of ‘SSPES’ sits in perfect discomfort next to the frenetic ‘RPE’ as Keresztes, as if without thinking, drives the BPM up some 30 steps. Unsurprisingly this bears satisfying results: the latter’s outlandish eccentricities providing the perfect foil for the album’s more solemn moments. Even if one detests ZZZ’s more flighty moments, the rest of the record provides plenty of opportunities to display a stern affection for more considered composition, as it deservedly inaugurated as our record of the week.

Flights In Dreams And Reality – Vadim Khrapatchev

Originally part of the score for the soviet drama Flights in Dreams and Reality from way back in 1983, this record was produced on the only EMS Synthi 100 analogue synthesizer existing in the Soviet Union at the time. The fleeting nature of the production translates into a viscerally raw sound. Flights and Dreams in Reality showcases Khrapatchev’s ability as a composer, these two tracks are utterly stunning in their whole and offer a look back into the history of one of the most influential and talented composers of the era.

Manuel Fischer – Iris

Swiss producer Manuel Fischer releases his latest EP Iris via Drumpoet and Compost Records joint Drumpoet Community imprint. Sleek and unsettling, Fischer’s drawling take on the classic deep house formula comprises stylishly layered synths in combination with unusual, eerie samples of a wide range of unusual sounds such as creaking pianos or old accordions. With a sprinkling of acid and techy percussion for good measure, Fischer’s debut release on the Swiss label certainly isn’t one to miss.

Kernel Of Truth – CONFORCE

Boris Bunnik has released music under a cornucopia of different alias’ over the years, the release in question this week comes from the dub and techno leaning Conforce. The first on this EP shares its name with the title, the more energetic and fervent of the two this track relies on its synth stabs to carry it along its destructive path. However our ears move towards the second, Oasis, now this little gem is the reason for this EP being so good. Eight minutes of pure oceanic dubby techno, squelching and bubbling its way through to the brain ad embedding itself into the forefront of the mind.

You Speak What I Feel – DJ Sprinkles & SND

One of the latest in a successful string of recent Boomkat Editions sees Dj Sprinkles team up with SND. Well, they teamed up 15 years ago to make the record but it’s finally come into the public possession. Oozing with the NYC grooves that all three producers dear it brings one the freshest takes on the classic formula. Simple but ever so pleasing chords flutter their way through the 10 minute piece with unfaltering delight. Back in 2002 the track tackled the rising hedonism with flat out class. But it says something that to this day the melodies are yet to be dated. The baselines as prominent and pleasing as ever and the emotion as uplifting-ly genuine to still hold a comparison in today’s gloomy climate.

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