Coming Up | 30/01/2017

Shackleton & Venegance Tenfold – Sferic Ghost Transmits

Mainstay of UK electronic music Shackleton teams up with spoken word artist Venegance Tenfold on Honest Jon’s first release of 2017: ‘Sferic Ghost Transmits’. Having previously collaborated on the 2011 release ‘Sonic Journey’, the duo combine once again to marvellous effect – Shackleton’s signature, viscerally rhythmic percussion creating a huge soundscape for the dark, distant vocals to gently caress. Combining beautiful cover art with equally stunning music, ‘Sferic Ghost Transmits’ leaves a great sense of fulfilment, even if we can’t quite grasp what exactly is going on visually or aurally. The indefinite is, however, a much more attractive proposition than that which is set in stone, a philosophy that propels this LP to the week’s top spot.

Unknown Archetype – TRIPP EP

Coming together for the first time in 2015, the duo of Roxy Tripp and Oliver Kucera produce a hugely impacting new EP under the alias Unknown Archetype. Out in R&S the three track experimental techno shows clear links to both artists alternate professions and love for the visceral. The EP – Tripp – still manages to sound intimate however. ‘Voyeurism’ is thundering and pulsating with an unnerving vocal sample a trait that stays true for the rest of the tracks. The title tracks takes a sharper note, using similar vocal snippets but hits harder and edgier than the previous. It ends with the more big room feeling ‘the serpent’. Holding its kin to its name it provides a wriggling techno monster than doesn’t simply chug along or bore the casual listener. Rewards can be had in its intricacies for those who listen to this welcome addition to the R&S catalogue.

RAMZi – Phobiza, Vol. 2

Following on from a 2016 that saw the Canadian imprint go from strength to strength, Mood Hut herald in new year with the label debut of Phoebe Guillemot aka RAMZi. Following last year’s first edition on Total Stasis, Phobiza, Vol. 2 continues to build on the disjointed, hazy sound she has developed over the last few years. Certainly one of the most interesting productions of 2017 thus far, RAMZi reaches for the weird and wonderful in a search for character in her music: final track Malehaya employing a vocal sample somewhere between a Future verse and a Chuck Person eccojam. Certainly worth a listen “noite” kicks off what promises to be another impressive year for the Mood Hut crew.

Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul

Now, we don’t normally highlight reissues here, however when one crops up that is so undeniably great and has had such an influence on the music scene, it’s hard to ignore it. Back in the mid 70’s Tomorrow’s People recorded Open Soul, the record went on to become a favorite for collectors, fetching very high prices on the market (most recently selling for £514, with one copy going for almost £1k back in 2015). Now Floating points and his label Melodies build on the success of their reissue of Aged in Harmony and bring us a long sought after reissue of an absolute classic. Open Soul epitomises the high points of the Soul movement and still sounds as fresh as ever!

Via Maris – Swarm / Tempora

Via Marris is really making a name for himself recently; with his inaugural release on Mechanical Reproductions gaining quick notoriety in the scene. It makes sense therefore that he slides his way into 2017 with a release on the UK techno power house that is Livity Sound. Looming and jittering his way into the ever effervescent stomping ground that is the city of Bristol, Swarm / Tempora encapsulates everything that draws people into the rising Bristol sound, dark and brooding: this is powerful stuff.

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