CUR Mix 06 | Miki Miyoshi

For the sixth installment of the CUR mix series, we invite Chicago-based producer, DJ and Sovereign State label-head Ashina Hamilton a.k.a. Miki Miyoshi to take the reins. Having stumbled upon her impressive Distant Memories EP in November, a stylish and colourful blend of house and techno, we felt compelled to invite her to collaborate. We are therefore proud to present this mix: an eclectic, organic collection of tracks testament to diverse taste and a considered selection process. We hope you enjoy!


Hervé Samb and Daniel Moreno – “Anta Diop (Album Version)” [Sacred Rhythm Music]
St. Germain – “Family Tree” – St. Germain [Parlophone]
Yakaza Ensemble Meets Syunoven – “Icbukeydis (Jakam Remix)” [Crosspoint]
Juzu a.k.a Moochy – “Drum De Fuego” – Lugar Precioso [Sacred Rhythm Music]
Kuniyuki – “The Session (Cobblestone Jazz Rmx)” [Mule Musiq]
Pitch Black City ft. Roberta Sweed – “Runaway” [Mahogani Music]
Panash’ – “Cheval” [Atavisme]
Patchworks – “Down To The Valley” [Still Music Chicago]
The Penthouse – “Knawtie” [Round Town]
HVL – “Sforzando Joy” – Bizarre Realms EP [Hesperian Sound Division]
Lubin – “Cooking In Detroit” – Diffusion EP – [Kimochi]
Lil’ Louis – “I Called U (Why’d U Fall)” [Epic Records]
Auch – “Tomorrow Goodbye (Farben Rmx)” – Remix Tomorrow Goodbye [Force Inc.]
Lubin – “Gramian” – Controllability [Axis Records]
John Alan – “Attention II Detail Disorder” [Nataural Anthemes]
Aphex Twin – “Delphium” – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 [Apollo Records]

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