Coming Up | 07/02/2017

36 – Tomorrow’s Explorers

This week’s top record is awarded to ‘Tomorrow’s Explorers’ by 36. Following up from 2015’s ‘Sine Dust’ EP, ‘Tomorrow’s Explorers’ is another chapter in Dennis Huddlestone’s spaced out, ambient production project. The British born producer has already fashioned a respectable reputation for his otherworldly production style. Mirrored in both the music and artwork, the galactic theme is one that Huddlestone explicitly continues throughout his work, remarking that ‘space is a pretty big place!’; and that one record wouldn’t be enough to satisfy his interest in the subject. We can therefore be grateful that he has put out this fantastic collection of soundscapes – sparse and solemn; cold and calculated.

Yoshinori Hayashi & DB. Source – Square Sun / Anapo

The rise of Yoshinori Hayashi over the past two years has been a magical one for anybody with even a single eye gazing in his direction. Now onto record number 4, proceeding a small yet majestic back catalogue which includes collaboration with DJ Sotofett, Hayashi teams up with DB. Source for yet another original and engaging release. Showcasing once again the uncompromising and innovative style that caught the attentions of the Sex Tags head honcho, Hayashi combines spacious composition with left field samples of oldschool hardcore sound bites to create a record neither here nor there; neither rave nor relaxation. However far from leaving a confusing impression, the music on show displays a producer in his comfort zone and, by the end of the record, the listener will find themselves occupying a space of similar sonic and mental dimensions.

Mystica Tribe – Island Oasis

Influenced by sub, soul, techno, house and psychedelic rock, Japanese producer Taka Noda aims to create his own psychedelia on his LP Island Oasis. Produced for the Canadian label Silent Season and released under the alias Mystica Tribe, Taka plays live melodica on all the tracks, and seeks to replicate the sound of live drums in his production. The final result is outstanding, and brings to mind the highs (and lows) of that wonderful era of dubstep that is now finished. Although to claim the album a throwback would be disingenuous as it is wonderfully fresh with great harmonies and reverbed percussion.

Shanti Celeste – PARTY001

The news hit late last year that the Chilean born, Bristol bred DJ and producer – Shanti Celeste – was to start her own label ‘Peach Discs’. Starting the outputs with her own untitled EP it gives us a look at what we can expect from one of the most respected and uplifting females in the industry. Looking to release music “that makes me happy and build a little family with all my friends and friends of friends who I know are making great music” she says. The first track on offer shows an airy and bright future. Uneven and wobbly lines hold their place with fun plays on toned down rewinds, elevating bleeps and a reassuring base line. The second – ‘selector’ is more tuned to the club, paying homage to all heavy hitting grooves out there. Irresistible and insatiable it’s a sure fire tool for any DJs looking around and seeing their dance floors fall a little flat. Designed to make you move it’s a typical Celeste masterpiece. Both tracks hold as her older productions do an unnerving cool and confidence to them. We look forward to releases from Peach Discs in the future.

Ichisan – Aperitiv

Ichisan returns on Bordello A Parigi, following his Metamundus EP last year, with a full length album titled Apertiv. Much in the same style as his previous output, Apertiv is full of fun and joyous sounds; flickering through House, Disco, Italo, Cosmic Funk and everything in between this serves as a showcase of this unique producer’s talents. We said it before when featuring Metamundus and we’ll say it again, his work provides a sense of fun and an escape that’s harder and harder to find in a scene that takes itself way too seriously nowadays and for this reason we love it!

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