Coming Up | 15/02/2017

S.A.M. – Dream State Of A Bellmaker

S.A.M. can be regarded as a hallmark for quality with an array of excellent EPs over the years with Marabouda for Oscillat Music, Terminal and Descend II Ascend for International Sun-Earth Explorer, and FAS004 for Father and Sons Productions. He has also released a number of outstanding remixes of tracks such as Lowris’ AAA and Baaz’s Your Wardrobe, and this is not including the work he does as a member of collectives such as Mandar. He long awaited album debut is no exception, and possibly his best work yet. It’s extremely sombre and downtempo with the exploration of sounds that one would not associate with a tech-house producer.

Lav & Purl – A State Of Becoming

Since 2014 A Strangely Isolated Place have been releasing some of the best in modern ambient, showcased by the brilliant The Infinity Room by 36 in October last year. Now it’s Lav & Purl’s time to take the reigns. Centered around various field recordings conducted by Christopher Landin (Lav) this release seeks to capture the true beauty of live that is often overlooked. The recordings were passed over to Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl) who recorded piano to accompany them along with measured beats, composing them out to produce the tracks we see here. Altogether this is a truly beautiful collection of music!

Barnt – If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer

It’s no secret that Daniel Ansorge, a.k.a. Barnt, has been at the top of the production pile for some time now. Having developed a penchant for soaring synth chords and erratic, searing percussion, the German producer has shown himself to be comfortable in carving out a variety of moods, whether that be the dancefloor ready mayhem of tunes such as ‘Chappell’, or the dizzying synphonic heights of his remix of CPI’s ‘Proseco’. This latest release is a cunning combination of the two, the record rising from a dreamy, emotive start into a powerful, frenetic drive down a dark road of hammering percussion. A must have for anyone’s record bag.

Vangelis Katsoulis – If Not Now When

This 8 track album (12 if you’re grabbing it digitally) is perhaps Vangelis’s most stripped down and rawest output to date. Harking to more simple methods and sounds it represents a stand against wasted noise and perhaps holds more compositional integrity than previously seen by the producer. Giving off the allure of a person who’s achieved up to this time and no longer has a point to prove. It’s calm, collected and almost effortless, providing sophisticated soundscapes and finding emotive valleys to pillage. Certainly a diverse output the landscape stretches everywhere from the more techno leaning composition of ‘Grand Delusions’ to a lovely ambient work in the title track ‘If not now when’.

Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings

As of Valentine’s Day, long time collaborators of Rhythm Section Chaos In The CBD have started their own label called In Dust We Trust – with it’s first release ‘Accidental Meetings’ featuring appropriately lurid pink artwork. Comprising four tracks wrought with the Helliker-Hales brothers’ signature jazz inflected take on deep house music. Building on what was a very strong 2016 for the Australian-born duo, this record again displays producers at the top of their game, possessing a sophisticated absent from many of their stylistic contemporaries.

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