Coming Up | 20/02/2017

Private Eyes – Mirror Image / Anasazi

Private Eyes, aka Interstellar Funk and Jeroen, head up the first release on Young Marco’s label Safe Trip, the first to not feature the main man himself. In a Drexciyan hypnotic dream these two concoct an awe inspiring duo of electronic mastery. Both tracks embody space age themes and galactic ecstasy throughout, no less expected from two stalwarts of the electronic community. Continuously pushing boundaries and creating tracks that go further than just the music, Mirror Image / Anasazi is not just a fantastic release by the duo but one that will last the test of time and will no doubt become a classic in years to come.

Bruce – Before You Sleep

The Britstolian pipeline of thumping, innovative UK techno continues on its supply voyage into the hearts and minds of listeners and revellers across the country in 2017 with this great three track release from Bruce on Hemlock. Kicking things off with the brooding, sparse kick-oriented ecstasy of title track ‘Before You Sleep’, Bruce leaves nobody in doubt that he fully intends to continue where he left off in 2016. After an extremely impressive year of releases, this record promises for much of the same from the talented DJ and producer in the year to come.

Dillon Wendel – Pulse / High

A collaboration project that i’m sure we are all very excited to see come to light, Beatrice Dillon and Kassem Mosse teach a lesson in space and experimentalism with the latest 12” on Will Bankhead’s label The Trilogy Tapes. Both tracks feature a lengthy play time, over seventeen minutes a piece, exploring the intimate yet expansive, never faltering through their length. A true masterpiece!

Batu – Murmur

One of last years most successful up and coming labels – Timedance – brings its third release from label boss Batu. The Bristol based post dubstep, jerky techno sounding players celebrated a hit 2016 with a series of releases from established artists such as Bruce and Ploy. Following from the successes of leading figures in the scene such as Peverelist there may have been worries that Timedance was set to shadow their existence and movement. It quickly became apparent that this was not the case. Setting the bar high with spacey, evocative tracks and exciting live performances they established a mighty club night and distanced their sound from the mainstay. This latest from Batu holds testament to just that. The tracks are surprising and move freely within themselves. Intricacies lead heavy, dubbed baselines to the conclusion of immensely satisfying and wriggly dancefloor hits. What a way to start the new year for Timedance. A statement of progression and innovation in both the studio and the club.

Various Artists – Dreamy Harbor

Tresor turn introspective in their compilation celebrating the 25th anniversary of the label. The record feels cohesive, but is not confined stylistically. Rather, there are tracks produced decades apart, from such artists as the composer Jon Hassell to the techno producer Donato Dozzy. It all begins with the atmospheric Solanus (Extracted 2) by Vainqueur with its synth patches that appear to be calling out to the listener and it unfolds from there with each track delving into the human psyche. There are many great tracks here such as the wonderfully weird The Switch (Edit) by Terrence Dixon; La Beff by TV Victor with its Latin rhythm; the sublime Timeless by Jon Hassell; the psychedelic Odawah Jam by Marcelus; and Andy Stott / Brian Eno-esque Direction Asymmetry by Daughter Produkt. My favourite track has to be Silverness by Thomas Fehlmann that is a really a techno track but sounds like a mash up of Dance With Me by Soundstream and such French house tracks from the compilation Waves by Crydamoure.

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