Coming Up | 01/03/2017

Ron Trent – Prescription: Word, Sound and Power

“We felt that Chicago was synonymous with a lot of really raw tracks. We wanted to take that idea and expand on it”, said Ron Trent in a recent Mixmag interview. Alongside his companion Chez Damier, Trent’s Prescription Records was the backbone of the Chicago-based house sound that emerged out of the mid-west in the early 1990s. Word, Sound and Power serves to give a strong feel for what that sound was, featuring a variety of tracks from across the label’s existance, the majority of which were produced by both Trent and Damier. Antal, head of Rush Hour who released the compilation, also picked a few tracks from the pairings later period of work to complement the body of the record.

IVVVO – Good, Bad, Baby, Horny


IVVVO returns on Halcyon Veil with arguably his best and most outgoing release to date. Focusing on rave culture this release packs four tracks each with their own take on the subject matter, ranging from the disorientating and ominous title track to the brutal and intense Self Rape. This is truly a fantastic release and one that comes with the utmost recommendation!

ASC – Zone Of Avoidance

The prolific producer ASC has become a fixture of the vinyl highlights with his space themed EPs. His latest, Zone of Avoidance, is based on the area of the night sky that is obscured by the dust and stars of our own galaxy: the Milky Way. Like much of his work, the EP is best listened in to in one sitting and samples do a poor job of convening the overall experience. As usual, the release is a collage of ambient synths and high BPM techno, and the best track is Solar Reaction with its serene ambience. This is not his finest work, but it proves that the project has a lot of life in it yet.

Various Artists – Club V-Bee

Danish label Regelbau continue their penchant for pushing dreamy, sparse house music for hazy afternoons or the early hours of the morning. Sunrise or sunset, Club V-Bee’s got you covered. Featuring tunes from Regelbau stalwarts Manmade Deejay, Hi Mount, Man-Dee and DJ Sports, this release serves to further the label’s reputation as one of the most consistent in the bloated world of house music producers. Clean and crisp, the music featured within has a veritable sheen, and will surely feature heavily in many DJs record bags when summer finally arrives.

Various Artists – Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992

Amsterdam’s own Music From Memory come through with another exciting and intriguing collection of reissues and rarities from a point in musical history that slipped under the radar of the mainstream. This time out, it is the turn of Brazil’s vast depths of experimental music from the 80s and it’s bookends to be put under the microscope. Described as ‘a trip to the heart of the Amazon rainforest’, Outro Tempo, which combines traditional elements of Brazilian music with modern musical practices, was born out of a time of transition in Brazilian history where a dictatorial regime crumbled and vast swathes of forest land began to disappear. This context provides the setting for much of the music on this compilation: evocative, emotive and exciting.

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