Coming Up | 08/03/2017

Various Artists – Selectors 002

For the second edition of the Dekmantel ‘Selectors’ series, label mainstay Young Marco steps up to the give us a taste of some of his favourite, lesser known records: “Anybody with an internet connection can check what flavor-of-the-month records are in demand”. Aside from

tracks from Larry Heard and Wolf Muller, the rest of the record features cuts from those who may have slipped under the radars of most listeners. Aside from it’s exposition of unheard talent, the records strength, more importantly, lies in it’s creation of a wonderful sonic narrative throughout, with the Dutch producer and DJ proving that just because something is not mixed, it doesn’t have to be devoid of energy and artistry.


Children Of Alice – Children Of Alice

Children Of Alice is the debut project of frequent collaborators Roj Stevens and Julian House, alongside Broadcast’s James Cargill. Originally put into motion via a series of compilations and a split cassette on Folklore Tapes, the eerie, ambient masterpiece is made widely available for the first time on the legendary Warp imprint. The project is dedicated to the memory of late Broadcast vocalist Trish Keenan, for whom Alice In Wonderland was an important inspiration. A magical, emotional listen throughout, Children Of Alice is one of the standout records of 2017 thus far.

Japan Blues – Sells His Record Collection

Howard Williams, aka Japan Blues, releases his first full length LP with ‘Sells His Record Collection’. Having spent his formative years working with Honest Jon’s and performing regular radio shows on NTS, Williams has always had a passion for Japanese music as showcased on his shows and his mixtapes for The Trilogy Tapes. ‘Sells His Record Collection’ is an absolutely beautiful collection of music, highlighting Williams passion for the culture and sounds of Japanese life. He states that the inspiration for the album was “an imaginary geisha opium den”, and listening through the LP brings his vision to life. Evocative, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable!

Differ-Ent – It’s Good To Be Differ-Ent

Eric Dulan has been on the forefront of modern electronic music for many years now, releasing countless classic tracks as DJ Bone, Dulan now steps up under his Differ-Ent alias to supply his third release and first album on label Don’t Be Afraid. It’s Good To Be Different leans away from Dulans hypnotic side as DJ Bone, and verges more towards his penchant for electro-infused techno that we have seen with his previous releases on DBA. The album comprises of twelve full length tracks, each with their own charm but all fitting together perfectly for a well rounded experience. This is definitely not his best work, however it proves that Dulan has still got what it takes to claim his spot as one of the champions of the underground scene.

Telephones – Vibe (Remixes)

Call Super and DJ Fett Burger step up for two fantastic remixes of Telephones’ track ‘DTMF’ from his October 2016 LP Vibe Telemetry. UK techno heavyweight Call Super’s contribution is a blissed out, 8-minute long voyage comprising breakbeats, squelchy bass stabs and shimmering melodies. From a voyage to a virtual circumnavigation, we land at the ever-fresh shores of Fett Burger’s musical mind. The Norwegian producer’s inclination for the weird and wonderful is apparent for all to see in his twisting, turning 15-minute long excursion into the vast recesses of his extensive imagination. Titled as an ‘Understated Moss Phlox Mix’, the track is as weird and wacky as the name suggests. We’re greeted by eight minutes of fun and funky grooves, before Mr. Fett drives us into a weird, swirling hole of his own creation.

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