Coming Up | 15/03/2017

Kailin – Fracture [Mistry]

Described by Boomkat as a marriage between Arca and Bladerunner, Kailin’s ‘Fracture’ is certainly a cinematic experience, and a broken, twisted one at that. The eighth release on Beneath’s Mistry imprint, it is perhaps the label’s most ambitious and original project to date. Though having previously featured work from such exciting artists as Laksa and Batu, ‘Fracture’ presents to us a whole new proposition. Taking the pounding, club-oriented bass stylings of his label mates, Kailin morphs it into new dimensions, bringing to the fore dimensions of tracks that may otherwise have been lost. It’s intricacies are what makes this record, bringing new life to the forefront of innovative music, with a distinct UK origin .

G.R.I.T. – Drifting From The Bay [Meanwhile]

Gary Brackley has been releasing tunes as G.R.I.T. for near on ten years now, in that time developing a polished, intriguing style – bass and melody driven tunes, where rhythm is derived from a multitude of sources rather than merely percussion. ‘Drifting From The Bay’ is a dense, crackling record, with deep layers of sound spun around a thumping, distorted kick. At times powerful and pounding, at other enchanting and enthralling, this record represents a big success for Brackley and is certainly a must listen.

AHU – Nord Dream [International Sun/Earth Explorer]

International Sun/Earth Explorer’s fifth full release comes from Iranian producer AHU. ‘Nord Dream’ is a dark, dreamy composition, full of pulsating dub techno cuts interspersed with sparse, ambient soundscapes. The variation between tracks brings an appealing narrative to the record, with the icy tension of ‘Junohiss’ early in the record having blossomed into the warm glow of ‘Nadeja’ by the time AHU calls it a day. As winter thaws into glorious spring, ‘Nord Dream’ is a highly relatable proposition.

Various Artists – Dys Functional Electronic Music [Repitch]

Celebrating the first five years of Repitch, comes the sixteen track compilation ‘Dys Functional Electronic Music’. Featuring contributions from label heads Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise, the Berlin-based imprint also brought in the likes of Pinch, Skudge and the Zenker Brothers into the mix. Unrelenting in it’s attack, Repitch’s goal in mind seem’s geared towards some sonic recreation of the end of the world. The ferocity with which portions of this record attack the listener is quite astounding. Up front and brutal, Dys Fuctional Electronic Music was born for the dark, intimate zones of the German capital, encapsulating a broad range of feelings and emotions.

DJ Normal 4 & Bufiman – The 5 Elements: Water & Air [Aiwo Rec]

The anything but normal alias of Tim Schumacher has been ever present in the the carts and record bags of wanton collectors and DJ’s alike. Harking back to early hardcore influences, the tracks still come fresh to the palettes of today’s listener. As with many of his others, this release feels alike it’d have the power to invigorate movement on the dancefloor from both our fathers as well as our sons. After a particularly successful end to 2016 – and a wonderful remix of Alphonse’s ‘Glint AM’ on the Smokey EP – it’s fair to say Normal 4’s vapour wave esc breakbeat has been and still is a point of excitement here in the CUR offices.

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