Coming Up | 22/03/2017

Suso Saiz – Rainworks [Music From Memory]

The lauded label Music from Memory delivers another stellar album in Suso Saiz’ Rainworks. In it the Spanish composer varyingly explores the soundscapes of musique concrete, ambient and modern classical, although the piano remains dominant throughout the bulk of the work. It all begins with the 20 minute ‘From Memory and the Sky’ that is split between beautiful synth patches and an experimental, but cohesive, piece based on samples. The following four tracks feature evolving melodies: the highlight ‘The Hiding Place’ containing an array of beautiful chords. And then finally there is A Rainy Afternoon that could easily find a home nestled amidst Loscil’s back catalogue.

Mark – Here Comes A Fucking Startup Campus [A Colourful Storm]

Last year real estate mogul Udo Schlömer, CEO of Berlin tech conglomerate Factory, brokered a deal for the purchase of DIY co-op PostOst. A hub since 2003 for over 100 purveyors of music ranging from house and techno to rock n’ roll and R&B, the future of the space is now uncertain – its fate now in the hands of the company who’s backers include Google and Soundcloud. ‘Here Comes A Fucking Startup Campus’ is an ode to the ‘Don’t Ever Call Me Again’ techno and drum n’ bass raves that formerly took place in the building’s basement. A stunning amalgamation of the two genres, the record’s two tracks exhibit a frenetic, powerful style that Mark uses simultaneously as sources of both memory and of rebellion.

Various Artists – Welcome To Paradise: Italian Dream House, 89-93 (Vol 1 & 2) [Safe Trip]

In the latest release curated by Young Marco we see two double LP’s full to the brim with lush, loved-up deep house. Honing in on a period of immense creative productivity in Italy, the record plums the deeper vaults of a sound to be found in clubs and festivals across Europe. A collector’s dream and a new fan’s awakening to a blissful genre, this really is an excellent collection of music delivered by one of the best diggers of current times. Dreamy!

Carl Craig – Sandstorms [Planet E]

Carl Craig’s ‘Sandstorms’, originally released in 2004, has been the lure to an amazing collaborative project between the producer and Francesco Tristano, with the Les Siècles orchestra. With the directorial assistance of Francois-Xavier Roth the space age original has been given a sharper, more direct rework – strings instead of synths ring the lines with the whole composition given a keener feel. Also included is a VCO update, laying it down again and tightening the original.

Shed – The Final Experiment [Monkeytown]

Rene Pawlowitz returns to his Shed alias after a five year hiatus with the The Final Experiment LP. Comprised of eleven tracks the album is both understated and remarkably cohesive, if a little tedious at points. Comprised of loops overlaid with interesting drum patterns, it is the beginning and the latter half of the album is when the experiment really succeeds with such tracks at ‘Taken Effect’, which could be taken from Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume ii, and the warm ‘Razor Control’. The LP constitutes a worthwhile reminder of Rene’s artistry, but falls short of previous albums such as 2008’s Shedding the Past.

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