Coming Up | 29/03/2017

Objekt – Objekt #4 [Self Released]

Objekt makes a triumphant return with the fourth instalment in his series of self-released records. As we have come to expect from Objekt (real name TJ Hertz), this dual-track package is bursting with intensity and context. The story goes that it was conceived out of the now defunct Berlin club Basement Q, described by the producer as baring heavily on his own musical experiences and tastes. Unparalleled in sound design, Hertz as usual adds his own unique take on modern dance music, with b-side ‘Theme From Q’ an amalgamation of the various different styles of music you may hear in on a night out. It’s hard to think of another artist today that can rival Hertz’s ability to produce whacked out but still extremely tight tracks, of which we are forever in awe.

ENA – Divided: Mind [Samurai]

ENA’s Divided series will be two years old this April, and is comprised of four releases split across three formats. Now, his latest Divided: Mind lands on the format the project is best suited: the CD, and proves to be his best release yet. Certainly the most subdued of his works, the LP further distances the producer from Drum and Bass and forgoes walls of sound. Instead, it is characterised by scuzzy bass lines, monotonous drums, and lossy ambience that is all carefully structured, producing an extraordinarily introspective experience. The release brings to mind other explorations of the darkness of the human psyche, and would prove a fitting score to a Heart of Darkness.

Z@P – Sendas [Traffic]

After a string of prolific releases from artists such as Bodin, Jacob and Martyne, Frankfurt based Traffic Records presents its first of 2017. From the awaken sleeping beauty Fernando ‘Z@P’ Zapico we see the prolific and classy tech house sound reborn once again. Mixing in ton of electro and techno influence he switches up wonky rhythms and jutting high-hat compilations. ‘Sendas’ and ‘Basement’ flow as certified jams whilst the second half of the ep slips into something deeper. Tumbling bass lines and flittering bleeps populate ‘S_t’ whilst the last track ‘PTN2’ lays much further down the electro scale. This latest on the label is certainly one to watch out for.

Gaussian Curve – The Distance [Music From Memory]

Gaussian Curve are the latest to grace the sandy shores of Music From Memory with the second release for the trio (Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash and Marco Sterk) under the moniker. The Distance is a perfect example of a collaborative project gone right: beautiful swaying rhythms run through the release and provide an engrossing bob along the rivers of the trio’s minds. Music From Memory have yet again succeeded with this release, fitting into an already excellent catalogue for 2017. After a superb 2016, maintaining this kind of form will only serve to further MFM’s reputation as one of the finest imprints around.

Grey Area #5 [Grey Area]

The fifth edition of Grey Area’s anonymous series of 12”s is here – sounding just as fresh and exciting as it’s predecessors. A collaboration between Auxillary and Horo, the Berlin-based imprint continue their penchant for the weird and wonderful. The music, cloaked in an air of mystery befitting the anonymity surrounding the record, is dark and visceral – hollow, mechanical percussion is complimented by eerie, overworldly instrumentation and sampling, casting a shadow over the mind.

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