Coming Up | 05/04/2017

Yally – Dread Risk [Diagonal]

Raime, a.k.a. Tom Halsted and Joe Andrews, revisit their Yally alias for a second EP. Following on from a successful release on Boomkat Editions they turn up the heat to bring us two slabs of mouthwatering bass. The A-side combines heavy breaks with a menacing bass line – creating a boisterous dance floor destroyer that serves as the perfect tonic to the flip. ‘U-Eff-O’ harbours a different attitude to low frequencies – bass here used to cloak the track in an eerie veil, rather than drive it forward. Although containing just two tracks this EP feels like a very satisfying and complete package: very good stuff from the duo!

Dot Product – 2080 [Osiris Music]

Like many former producers of Drum and Bass, Adam Winchester and Christopher Jarman find themselves producing experimental electronic music under their alias Dot Product. Conceived as a project of sonic investigation in search of heavy-load-bearing compositions that sport equal amounts of soundsystem pressure and abstract textures, it is based around sounds derived from frequencies and anomalies commonly inaudible to the human ear. The result is 2080, the second album the duo have released that explores gritty ambient and industrial soundscapes. The highlight of which is the track Reverie that gives the album a sense of urgency with its drums, sub-bass and harmonic synths.

AMOR – Paradise / In Love An Arc [Night School]

The latest release on Night School is the debut collaborative project of Glasgow-based quartet AMOR. With assistance from Golden Teacher member Richard McMaster, this two track EP harks back to the heady days of the late 70s – a modern take on bass-heavy, funky sounds emerging on imprints such as Philadelphia International Records. Housed in an LED inspired sleeve typical of the period, both ‘Paradise’ and ‘In Love An Arc’ are reminiscent of the more experimental moments of new wave band such as Duran Duran and Simple Minds. Dripping in nostalgia, both tracks eclipse the thirteen-minute mark in duration but don’t feel in any way drawn out, ensuring the listener comes back for more.

Denis Mpunga & Paul K – Criola EP [Music From Memory]

If ever a label has been a fixture in our weekly write ups, this one is it. Far from a memory, MFM have become a constant fixture in our present, as their exquisite releases find their way into our airwaves week after week. This time out, the Dutch diggers present ‘Criola’: a collection of tracks recorded by the Belgian/Congolese artists Denis Mpunga and Paul K between the years 1980 and 1984 in the Belgian city of Liege. Bringing two separate cultures together, the duo created: ‘a fascinating new musical language, African music born out of an industrial European landscape’. A great listen!

Semtek – Four Dubs EP [Don’t Be Afraid]

By now a fully established name as both a DJ and as a producer, Semtek brings us the sixth release on the label he runs – Don’t Be Afraid. Having consistently put out fantastic records for several years, including recnetly Rroxymore’s ‘Organ Smith’ and DJ Bone’s full length debut under his Differ-ent alias, DBA are one of the hottest labels in the game right now, with Semtek’s Four Dubs doing nothing to detract from that status. As expected, this record comprises four no nonesense house bangers, awash with airy synths and deep, tasteful bass lines. A superb and renowned DJ himself, Semtek here has produced a record seemingly made for the selector, with tracks such as ‘Limetree’ primed and ready for festival season.
and finally…

DJ Q & Jamie Duggan – PURE Bassline [PURE]

“Pure” weaponery: ‘PURE proudly presents their latest album for 2017, Pure Bassline, an album and nationwide club tour, mixed by two of the leading lights in the Bassline scene, DJ Q & Jamie Duggan. With roots in the UK North & Midlands that’s rapidly spreading nationwide, Bassline fuses the biggest house & grime names with energy infused basslines and is set to be 2017’s hottest crossover dance genre.’ There’s no doubt that this is a bold statement from the puritans, but we for one believe them! woi

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