Coming Up | 03/05/2017

Jah Wobble – The Lago Years [Emotional Rescue]

Our record of the week this time out comes in the form of an Emotional Rescue compilation, consisting of old recordings made by former Public Image Limited bassist Jah Wobble, a.k.a. John Wardle. Having also held positions as a tube driver and as an
aficionado of rare international records, Wardle’s broad and diverse influences and experiences can be felt throughout The Lago Years. From balaeric, pop oddities like ‘Blowout’ to the doom-laden, post-punk of ‘A Long, Long Way’, this collection of tunes gives a broad yet all-encompassing view into a fascinating musician, his dubbed-out, grooving bass playing the only constant throughout.



Neo Image – Untitled [Mood Hut]

Arguably one of the strongest record labels over the last few years, Mood Hut have started 2017 in excellent fashion. Following up from the second edition of RAMZi’s Phobiza project, the Canadian imprint bring us the long awaited debut from Chad Thiessen, a.k.a. Neo Image. As a member of Aquarian Foundation and Kinetic Electronix, Thiessen is no stranger to the label, with his first solo release baring similarities to last year’s excellent Music For Beings LP. Venturing into lo-fi territory, Thiessen intelligently intricate percussion with deep, spare soundscapes – often detouring from traditional deep house structures into more ambient, freeform territory.

Pessimist – Through The Fog / Peter Hitchens [Blackest Ever Black]

Blackest Ever Black are the latest to have heavyweight producer Pessimist join their ranks. Through The Fog / Peter Hitchens sits as a sampler to the album coming out on the label later this year. Here the producer serves up two slabs of ear battering workouts, both a showcase for the producer’s penchant for the dark and dangerous realms of underground music. Brutal drum patterns and deep basslines roll true here, we can’t wait to hear these out on the dance floor and eagerly await the upcoming album!

Surgeon – Convenience Trap [Dynamic Tension]

Back on his own Dynamic Tension imprint, Surgeon (Anthony Child) kicks off 2017 by plunging further into the hardware you may have seen him teasing live sets out of in recent years. Part the first wave of DJs to use Ableton live, this long-time techno legend is once again pushing the boundaries of his performances. Following his ‘Bland Ambiton’ release of October last year, ‘Convenience Trap’ comes as the second crystallization to emerge from the determined creator’s recent process. Without cutting any depth or profundity, Child transitions smoothly away from Bland Ambition’s thwacking ‘speaker humpers’ to more subtly progressive and meditative swathes. Masterfully veiled signals tease hints of maybe known melodies, whilst unique stems drive home Child’s deserved respect as a pioneer. The epic severity of Inigo Kennedy punctuated by the drive-and-touch harmonic discord of Amotik, drawn together in a determined electric rescue from mediocrity; here is an old master training hard with new tools.

Kowton – Pea Soup / Iodine [Livity Sound]

For our final record this week, we bring you Kowton’s first release of 2017. Returning once more to good friend Peverelist’s Livity Sound imprint, Pea Soup / Iodine is Kowton’s first record since 2016’s full length LP Utility. Featuring dubbed out, weighty sounds throughout, ‘Pea Soup’ treats us to a sparse, sub driven extravaganza, ready to decimate dance floors. ‘Iodine’ takes a more standardised approach, it’s 4×4 rhythm perfect for maintaining energy levels throughout a set. Go check it out!

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