Coming Up | 17/05/2017

DJ Sports – Modern Species [Firecracker]

Milán Zaks appeared as DJ Sports last year on recently emerging Dutch imprint YEILD. Modern Species however, distributed through Edinburgh-based Firecracker Recordings, now signals what seems to be the producer’s next step in a slow diving love of the cool aquatic ambience gracing dancefloor interludes. Buoyant breaks are deftly cut and carefully punctuate the subtle synth passes that make his work intimate. This release takes a marginally more ecstatic turn from the last, particularly with ’For Real For You’; yet stays true to dominantly aquaplaning the serene flavours of drowned jungle and its refracted lights. Anyone who caught flight on The Pilotwings and DJ Normal 4 last year should keep an eye on this twinkling star—big bangs to follow, I imagine.



Biosphere – The Petrified Forest [Biophon]

Following on from the Black Mesa 12” released last month comes the “mini album” The Petrified Forest. As was apparent from the single, Geir Jenssen’s latest musical focal point is the 1936 Archie Mayo film to which the record owes it’s name. Coming to his wit’s end with the world, the film’s protagonist Alan Squier isolates himself in the deserts of Arizona. Jenssen shows great mastery of the depiction of vast, open soundscapes, as he has done for twenty five years under his Biosphere alias.


Pearson Sound – Robin Chasing Butterfly [Pearson Sound]

Pearson Sound follows up 2016 club anthem XLB with the his second self released record – Robin Chasing Butterfly. However, this is no new record. The title track emerged around the same time as ‘XLB’, appearing in sets from the Hessle crew. Fast forward a year later, and we have a full three track record of great diversity and style, each track taking on a face of it’s own. The title track’s bleep-y intensity is offset by the sparse ambience of ‘Eels’ and the dark groove of ‘Heal Me’. The whole record is a showcase for Pearson Sound’s acute ear for production, particularly his understanding of percussion.


Various Artists – 10.X. [Semantica]

Semantica round off their tenth anniversary series in style with a four track EP focusing on the electro influences that they hold so dear. Featuring cuts from Arcanoid, Jimmy Edgar, Plant 43 and Annie Hall this EP is a great ending to an excellent series of releases. The real diamonds here are the last two tracks from Plant 43 and Annie Hall, previously collaborating on Elephant Road, also released on Semantica in 2009, the former showcasing his experience and ability to create some of the best and most intricate electro in recent years. Make sure to check out the rest of the tenth anniversary series as it really is something special from the great label .


Deapmash – Halcyon [Leisure System]

The first we heard this EP came during Randomer’s set at Dekmantel Festival 2016, playing the last cut from the EP, ‘Halcyon (VIP)’, to a packed UFO stage on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining but it had no place at the stage, darkness filled the room and bodies were moving to some of the finest techno going. Finally this EP sees the light of day, comprising three tracks each with their own charm and allure. There isn’t a single track on here that stands out for the wrong reasons: three cuts of heavy techno sure to bring the roof down on any occasion!

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