Coming Up | 24/05/2017

Jlin – Black Origami [Planet Mu]

Our record of the week this week comes from Indiana’s own Jlin. Having released her debut album Dark Energy in 2015, the producer certainly makes the step up on this latest effort. Black Origami is a sophisticated, pounding amalgamation of various strands of footwork and drum and bass – percussive hysteria that challenges any label one may throw at it. Ultimately, the record is an observation of the human condition: “You start off as this blank sheet of paper, this innocent thing. And then life starts bending and folding, bending and folding… I’m still being bended and folded. We all are”. Conceptually, musically – this album is a top draw from start to finish, and could quite possibly be one of the early contenders for album of the year.


Burial – Subtemple/Beachfires [Hyperdub]

The latest release on Hyperdub comes from the ever mysterious god of UK electronic music – Burial. After the disappointment of November’s Young Death/Nightmarket and the abject averageness of his recent retouching of Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’, the surprise announcement of Subtemple/Beachfires last week did little to stir our excitement. However, a pleasant surprise greeted us upon listening, as two sparse, delicate ambient pieces were presented to us. Far removed from the boredom-inducing prior releases, this latest release is hopefully a nod towards further successes in the not too distant future.


Lutto Lento – Dark Secret World [Where To Now?]

Polish producer and DJ Lutto Lento’s building reputation reaches a new climax with the release of his debut album – Dark Secret World. Having previously put out releases on FTD and Proto Sites, Lento (real name Lubomir Grzelak) joins forces with Where To Now? to put out his most significant work to date. Having always incurred excitement as an artist, it is only now that the early potential shown on records such as Wild Wishes is beginning to bare its ripest fruits. A highly distinctive sound, off-kilter and dark, is presented to the listener: ambient soundscapes and bleepy, techno oddities sitting side-by-side amongst a sea of disparate samples, vocal or otherwise. A wonderful project!


Rhythmic Theory & Pessimist – Outlawed From Reality [Creme Organization]

Rhythmic Theory heads up the latest release under Creme Organization, with four weighty cuts of self-branded future techno. Arguably one of the best releases to date from the Bristolian, with previous releases Ancient Monarchy, Idle Hands and Happy Skull. Our pick of the bunch here is the last track Rachel’s Theme with the bassline chugging along, beautifully complemented by an array of ambient synths. Go check it out!



Various Artists – Lifesaver Compilation 3 [Live At Robert Johnson]

This week Live at Robert Johnson release the second compilation of their ‘Lifesaver’ series, begun in 2013 on the back of their institution of Berlin nightlife-turned record label. This set of spacey electro house jams is of serious quality, with some well established names contributing nuanced tones to the journey. ‘Phasing down the sea’ and ‘Language’ from Massimiliano Pagliara and Lauer respectively are such highlights. However the stand-out strengths of the compilation, and why we see it as something special, is the back-end up and coming names on sides 3 and 4 awaiting further discovery.


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