CUR Mix 10 | The Duchess

The tenth edition of the Come Up Records mix series comes from NYC artist The Duchess. Here’s what she had to say:

I took the generous brief I got from Come Up’ about this mix as an open invitation to go straight for all my intense favorites – all the records i pack for the bigger, darker dancefloors in the hopes that the evening takes the right twists and turns and the energy is JUST right to slide them in and watch them take hold. Each one makes me lose my sht every time I hear them – for different reasons, but the basic reaction is the same: I get chills, wanna jump out of my skin, jack my body till my bones snap.

It was pretty effortless and a lot of fun to put them together. The night after i played the best gig of my life thus far (in The Bad Room at the @goodroombk ), I came home and recorded it in one continuous take, then threw a few cherries ontop for good measure.

This one is dedicated to the people who made my set at the Good Room into a proper party: the friends who showed up and threw down everything they had; the house-heads from Manchester who were giving their all to our dancefloor whilst, unbeknownst to us all, a fkin unspeakable tragedy took place in their home town; my partners in crime that evening – AD & DJ Voices.

And, as always, gratitude and respect to my Teachers in this Magical Pursuit.
You know who you are,

Thank you.

The Duchess

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