Coming Up | 07/06/2017

Simo Cell – Pogdance [Brothers From Different Mothers]


Tight drum programming define Simo Cell’s excellent Pogdance EP on Brothers From Different Mothers. Comprised of five tracks, each are put together with finesse but take cues from different genres. The highlights of the EP are Echo Doppler and Rand0m N0izes. The former thrives of pacey drums that build to a crescendo while the latter with its unabashed bass is just waiting to be dropped at a Deep Medi night.




Lanark Artefax –  Whities 011 [Whities]



The Eleventh leaf in the Whities book is opened to Lanark Artefax, a galwegen producer who crafted a crystal on Lee Gamble’s UIQ imprint, then hinted of this ‘Touching Absence’ with an ‘Intimidating Stillness mix’, pressed through the Whities Dub arm last year. Deeper into the dance from the Glasz EP, and diverting from the most sound spacial designs of its titular headliner to fazed slow core breaks; the press seems to take more than Autechre from Bogdan Raczynski, and colours its presence and absence in relation to a kind of Aphex, gaseous 90s euphoria. Depth is given to IDM flavours, boarding a currently frightful open-air train with deep consideration, and real torque. The Touching Absence original mix whacks like Luke’s Anger and is something to behold, but then do also watch Olivia Pringle and Whities art director Alex McCullough’s video to boot.




Pedro (Peter Mekwunye) – One Kind Of Love [Musique Plastique]


Originally recorded in 1993 on a simple home studio, Peter Mekwunye’s first and only album is available in a wide distribution for the first time on vinyl. One mans voyage to self satisfaction and driven by a passion for making music this album encapsulates all that is great about music. What really shines about this album is the undeniable sense of soul present, one could argue that there is little musical genius here but it doesn’t matter (and it’s not true); this piece of work is brilliant for its depth and reach of emotion that it carries with it. Truly great stuff!




Akkord – RCVR / XTMR [Houndstooth]


The latest release from fabric’s Houndstooth imprint comes from label mainstay Akkord. The first new music from the duo since October 2015, both ‘RCVR’ and ‘XTMR’ possess the dark, cinematic ambience of past productions, formatted for dancefloors. ‘XTMR’ is haunted by a rolling kick drum and fractured melody – a pounding techno oddity. ‘RCVR’ is a denser entity – a furious hardcore break immersed in thick pads and heavy reverb. No ring rust here!




Tribe of Colin – Wide Berth [Not On Label]



The mysterious Tribe Of Colin returns after the fog of Fruits Of Zion back in 2015. Four cuts are contained within of original, forward thinking and murky dance music. Our favourite pick here is ‘Lion 5’ – spluttering along with an irresistible beat this track is as unique a take on modern dance music as you will find nowadays! Great stuff from the distant producer!




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