Coming Up | 19/07/2017

Maria Rita – Brasileria [Optimo / Selva Discos]


Can they do no wrong? Once again Optimo Music sit amongst our weekly highlights, with the first release on their newly established Selva Discos imprint. With the assistance of Brazilian duo Selvagem, JD Twitch brings us another reissue, this time in the form of Maria Rita’s ultra-rare Brasiliera LP. Originally recorded almost thirty years ago, it has long been a sought after gem for enthusiasts – particularly after the popular emergence of it’s opening track “Cântico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiurá)”. Sparse instrumentation of guitar, synthesiser and minimal percussion allow Rita’s powerful vocals to shine through across the record’s twelve tracks. If you enjoyed Music From Memory’s recent Outro Tempo compilation, then this record is definitely for you.

Ploy – Intrigued By The Drum [Timedance]


Ploy triumphantly returns to Batu’s Timedance label with the four-track EP Intrigued By The Drum. A far cry from last year’s Iron Lungs, it still sits comfortably within the Timedance catalogue, following on in the vein of dark, rolling UK techno that has been bursting out of Bristol in recent years. The whole EP is tied together by the ever present and ever shifting polyrhythms which give the EP both its title and sense of completeness. The title track starts with a dark bass and simple drum pattern which, over the course of five minutes subtly sees the track transform into a percussive dancefloor filler, constantly shifting and building. ‘Zoom’ opens with sparse, panning rhythms that are never overwhelmed by the powerful bassline or synths and atmospherics. Far more emotional than it’s predecessor, ‘Zoom’ reveals a more nuanced side to Ploy and his production capabilities. ‘Blow Poke’ takes the EP straight back to the floor but with a more retro UK feel. Rolling kicks, clipped breaks, and horror show synths all merge to create another amazing and broody Bristolian banger. ‘Bad Seed’ closes off the EP – a half time track with clear nods to a huge range of influences from dubstep, grime, and atmospheric techno, all whilst maintaining the percussive element pursued throughout this record. Ploy’s third release in two years demonstrates his aptitude for evolving and approaching sounds differently, and we cannot wait to see what he has in-store for us in the future.

Jon & Hugh – Another View [Outer Time Inner Space]


Outer Time Inner Space return for their second ever release, this time headed up by label boss Hugh Burridge and sound engineer Jon Watts. There’s a bit of everything in this record, from melancholic dub to introspective broken beat to club banger. The real shiner here is the title track ‘Another View’ – brilliant sparse jungle that wouldn’t feel out of place on LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records catalogue. Great stuff from the young label and we look forward to hearing more from them!

Volruptus – Homeblast [BBBBBB]

The latest release on Bjarki’s BBBBBB imprint comes from Icelandic producer Volruptus. Alien Transmissions is a fierce and unrelenting four-track EP, with the opening title track exemplary of this, an acid infused electro stomper with archetypal robotic vocals added for good measure. The BPM cranks progressively higher through the second and third tracks, as by ‘‘Gett Vffreakye’ we teeter on the edge of the arena of hardcore. Perfect for dark, low-ceiling club spaces, this record would be a welcomed addition to any DJs bag.
N.B. In no way does Come Up Records support the views held by Johnny Chrome Silver and those shared on social media by the same person on the BBBBBB records account. Johnny is no longer with BBBBBB records and his ties with the label have been cut immediately following his actions. Due to this we do not feel at this stage that Volruptus or Bjarki and the rest of BBBBBB records should suffer due to one mans ignorance. This kind of attitude has no place in the music community or any other walk of life. With so many people, artists, promoters and fans alike, doing such great things to combat these views and working to engender a safe haven for people of all backgrounds, it is such a shame to see these medieval attitudes still being held. Should further information emerge displaying a deeper existence of this kind of attitude within the label we shall remove the above immediately.  

Claude Speeed – Infinity Ultra [Planet Mu]

Claude Speeed has put forward his first full length album, returning to Planet Mu after the label supported his first solo release in 2015. The Glaswegian comes up from Scottish experimental rock and noise scenes to sculpt his emotional response to the contemporary age, working out of Berlin’s electronic stronghold. He has conceived of ‘an interior territory […] a psychic jumping off point into an uncertain future’. The listening experience delivers us through a carefully profound; rolling, rising and cascading catharsis; without loosing track of itself. Its episodes are distinctively ordered and yet oriented toward one another. They carry us up, out and into the experience of Claude Speeed’s imaginary – ultra composed, with musical reflections of our rampant admixture of anger and architecture, euphoria, violence, hope and loss.

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