Coming Up | 26/07/2017

Clint Mansell – Black Mirror: San Junipero [INVADA]


At long last Clint Mansell’s score for the Black Mirror episode ‘San Junipero’ is released on vinyl and picture disc courtesy of Invada. Laden with orchestral synths the score embodies the 80s nostalgia that the episode seeks to encapsulate and is a perfect accompaniment to some of the best television in recent years. This is Mansell at his best and comes highly recommended!

Pessimist – Pessimist [Blackest Ever Black]


Amidst high anticipation, Pessimist has released his self-titled debut album on Blackest Ever Black. Exploring the history and diversity of the ever evolving and morphing drum ‘n bass scene, the album is a dark masterpiece. Between the ambient ‘Intro’, more modern half time numbers such as ‘Grit’ and ‘Spirals’, the darker 90’s hardcore vibes of ‘Peter Hitchens’ and slightly more traditional breaks on ‘Through The Fog’, Pessimist maps the evolution masterfully. All this done without ever breaking from his signature, sinister air of darkness which pervades the albums ten tracks, in shoulder swaying, head nodding fashion.

Jayda G & Laylay – Monroe Bumpa / 186 Halin’ [Freak Out Cult]


The latest release from Canadian DJ and producer Jayda G comes in the form of a collaboration with mysterious producer Laylay. Released via Freakout Cult, the label run by Jayda alongside DJ Fett Burger, Monroe Bumper / 186 Haylin’ is a grooving two-track record – deep, slow house music infused with a hint of dancehall. Klaxons and sultry vocal samples adorn chugging a-side ‘Monroe Bumper’, accompanying a wandering bassline and cheery xylophone melody to beautifully encapsulate an early summers eve. A must-have 10″!

Karen Gwyer – Rembo [Don’t Be Afraid]


Karen Gwyer is the latest to appear on Don’t Be Afraid’s growing catalogue with Rembo. Stemming from ideas and creations founded in her captivating live performances Rembo moves away from her earlier work in drone and noise production and shows us Gwyer’s more dance orientated side. She still maintains the skills she learnt in these productions though, maintaining intelligent structures and rhythms throughout but this time focuses more on the dance than the experimental. Rembo feels like a very complete album and gives us a glimpse into the world in which Gwyer is penetrating now. Great stuff all round!


Mallard – Verte [Rhythm Section]

Rhythm Section’s latest recruit Mallard presents a debut that is steeped both in style and sophistication. A long-term attendee of Rhythm Section’s celebrated south London club nights, Mallard’s production talents were discovered by label head Bradley Zero after becoming acquainted at these parties. Now part of a string of releases that have seen RS climb to new heights, Verte is a fantastic EP and promises much for the future from both artist and label.

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