Coming Up | 02/08/2017

Pan Daijing – Lack [PAN]


PAN’s third record of the year comes from Berlin-based noise producer Pan Daijing. Following on from the impressive Mono No Aware compilation and Konrad Sprenger’s Stack MusicLack is another superb addition to one of the most consistent imprints around. A searing, yet incredibly delicate experience, the LP takes the listener through a vast range of feelings and emotions – moving from gentle harmony, to deep, restless tension. The fluidity of the record is testament to the careful attention to detail in sound design, as a clear absence of traditional song structure abounds, creating a memorable experience from start to finish.

Species Of Fishes – Trip Trap [GALAXIID]


With the growing strength of labels such as Music From Memory and Optimo in recent years, it’s no bad thing to see another imprint focused on reissues of rare, old records to emerge. Initially announced back in January, GALAXIID is the brain child of Russian DJ and producer Nina Kraviz, with the 1996 record Trip Trap by Species Of Fish heralding its launch. A snapshot of Moscow’s underground electronic music scene of the mid-90s, the record is akin to much of the music released as part of Warp’s famous Artificial Intelligence series – bleeps and bloops reverberating over clunky, mechanical percussion and bass lines. With much beautiful music contained within, this is an extremely welcome reissue of an extremely rare record – and we can’t wait to see what GALAXIID bring us next.

Mosca – Don’t Take This The Wrong Way [Livity Sound]


The ever consistent Mosca comes back to the production fore with two club ready bangers released on Livity Sound. A perfect fit between label and producer, both sides of Don’t Take This The Wrong Way show an artist at the artistic maturity. The opening title-track is a frantic, mechanical jaunt much in the vein of Peverelist’s recent output, while b-side ‘Peyote Stitch’ is an appropriately, named psychedelic chuggy groover. An instant buy for any DJs bag.

Sote – Sacred Horror In Design [Opal Tapes]


Sote returns to Opal tapes with another awe inspiring collection of tracks, this time produced out of the profound and brilliant scenes happening in Tehran. When boomkat find it ’hard to think of another artist who has so uniquely pursued a synthesis of traditional and modern, sacred and arcane, with such vigour and vision in recent years’, undoubtedly you are looking upon a gem of sorts. The listening experience does not disappoint, and for anyone familiar with Sote’s fairly sparse but serious contributions to electronic music; Sacred Horror in Design plays with more acute textures than ever. Freshly refracted lenses and rhythms are fed from the producer’s wide ranging classical and electronic work across the world, whilst above all coming up to release with deeply considered folk hybridity of inspirations.


Kuniyuki – New Wave Project [Mule Musiq]

Following on from his New Wave Project EP in 2015, Kuniyuki Takahashi delivers a full length album of the same name exploring his early musical passions. We see Kuniyuki using old synthesizers to maintain the feeling of the the 80’s, combining with more traditional instrumentation to give the record greater depth. This is another great piece of work from the multi talented artist and a more than welcome addition to the Mule Musiq catalogue.

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