Coming Up | 16/08/2017

Oneohtrix Point Never – Good Time OST [Warp]


Oneohtrix Point Never has scored the soundtrack for Benny and Josh Safdie’s Good Time, and has won the Cannes soundtrack award for his efforts. I’ve only watched the trailer but on reading a bunch of reviews of the score, it seems both wide ranging and deep digging critics can’t help but yield on account of Daniel Lopatin’s practice. I for one will never press too hard on such a considered sound in such short time. But do just go ahead and check out ‘The Pure and the Damned’ closing track, featuring undeniably heartfelt composition with Iggy Pop’s beautifully aged voice of reason.

Pangaea – Two Mixes [Hadal]


As with most records associated to the circle of artists around Hessle Audio, Pangaea’s latest efforts come amidst high anticipation. Whilst many tracks are played in clubs and mixes long before their official release, very few seem to garner the attention and excitement that surround tracks such as Pearson Sound’s ‘XLB’ or Bruce’s ‘I’m Alright Mate’. Pangaea’s fierce reimaginings of Nomad’s ‘Devotion’ and Loleatta Holloway’s ‘Stand Up’ certainly follow in this vein: tunes ready to leave dancefloors in pieces before making the seamless transition to record.

Fluxion – Multidirectional I+II (DeepChord Rebuilds) [Subwax]


When two legends of a genre collide the results can often be mixed. However, seeing dub techno heavyweights Fluxion and DeepChord on the same record sleeve was always going to be a match made in heaven. The latter has added his own touch to two tracks from Fluxion’s seminal turn of the millennium Bipolar Defect album. Whilst the editions are certainly minimal, within the context of the original music’s powerful simplicity, the minute inflections and tempering bring a new dimension to both tracks.

Nathan Fake – Providence Reworks: Part 1 [Ninja Tune]

In the wake of Nathan Fake’s forth LP released earlier this year, Providence Reworks: Part 1 presents four completely fresh takes on music from the record. The EP features new work from Fake himself in the form of the track ‘Boska’, as well as remixes from Overmono, Huerco S. and Olga Wojciechowska, with the former two taking on album highlight ‘DEGREELESSNESS’. Each remix brings a new, exciting dimension to the originals, with Huerco S’s sparse, ambient piece a standout moment.

One Man’s Quest – Smiling Faces “95” [World Building]

The third release on Ari Goldman’s World Building imprint is a reissue of a rare American white label from 1995. The sole output of Vandal Records, Smiling Faces was one of only two records released by Bon Vega and Douglas Johnson, a.k.a. One Man’s Quest. A rethinking of the classic Motown track ‘Smiling Faces Sometimes’ by The Undisputed Truth, four separate mixes of the track are presented. Whilst the A side contains two bumping house tracks littered with classic organ snips, the B side is where the record’s best moment lies. A glittering R&B slow jam complete with sax melody and a clean, smooth bass line is offered up in both vocal and instrumental form.


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