Coming Up | 30/08/2017

B12 – Electro Soma II [Warp]


To coincide with the reissue of what many consider to be B12’s greatest work, Warp are releasing a collection of early B12 tracks under the name Electro Soma II. Following in much the same vein to the original record, the production quality from the legendary duo is expectedly of the highest order. Emotive, exciting and truly exquisite, this is an essential release for ANY fan of electronic music.


Listen via Spotify

Various Artists – Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa [Ostinato]


In 1988, on the eve of a civil conflict that was to drag on for two decades, several key figures at Mogadishu’s Radio Hagreisa rescued tape archives containing half a centuries worth of Somali music from imminent destruction. Transported abroad and laying dormant until very recently, fifteen tracks have been digitally restored by Ostinato to comprise the compilation Sweet As Broken Dates. Giving a broad overview of Somalia’s rich musical heritage, the music contained within reflects a period of vast social and cultural upheaval. We highly recommend you to read the incredible full story behind the album by clicking here.

Martin Hannett – Hannett’s Electronic Recordings: Homage To Delia Derbyshire [Ozit]

Originally recorded at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios in 1982, Martin Hannett’s homage to the musical pioneer Delia Derbyshire was never intended for official release. Eighteen in number, the Factory Records producer’s electronic experimentations are, aside from their material beauty, highly intriguing for the intense inspriation evident in their conception.

Chekov – RotLicht [Peach Discs]

The third instalment from Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs imprint comes in the form of the highly anticipated debut EP from Leeds-based producer Chekov. A departure from the record’s previous warm, house oriented output – Rotlicht provides us with three powerful, searing techno cuts. Shrouded in distortion, pulsating percussion is adorned by a wide variety of bleeps and bloops across the entire record. Having long recieved support from DJs such as Ben UFO and Call Super amongst many more, this EP is surely the first of many to come from Chekov’s talented mind.

Andrew Weatherall – Kiyadub [Byrd Out]


Andrew Weatherall rarely releases solo EPs under his own name, this being the first since The Bullet Catcher’s Apprentice in 2006. Byrd Out are the lucky label this time around, releasing the fantastic Kiyadub. Laden with the heavy, chugging basslines and spacey synths synonymous with the veteran producer, Kiyadub is sure to excite Weatherall fans and music lovers alike.


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