Coming Up | 06/09/2017

Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun [Rock Action Records]


Three years after their last full length LP, Scottish band Mogwai return to Rock Action Records with the devastating Every Coutnry’s Sun. Teaming up once more with long-term collaborator David Fridmann on production duties, the band’s post-rock sound is as fresh and as fierce as ever. Great individual instrumentation is complimented by the band’s signature collective luscious soundscapes on a record of pure dynamism: straying from the sun drenched indie-pop of ‘Party In The Dark’ to the mournful minimalism of ‘Don’t Believe The Fife’. A compelling listen from start to finish, the record marks a definite return to form for the Glaswegian outfit.


Derek Carr – Distant Systems [Firescope Recordings]


The recent surge in popularity of ‘intelligent’ techno has seen many veterans returning to the fray. With the reissue of B12’s legendary Electro-Soma accompanying the release of Elecrto-Soma II, its clear to see that people are rediscovering a love for the sound. Steve Rutter’s label Firescope has been at the forefront of this revival, initially with a string of B12 releases, and now releases Derek Carr latest record Distant Systems. Preceeded by the reissues of many of Carr’s classics under the Knoe series, this new EP on Firescope delves deeper into the mind of the producer and bridges his older work with the modern day – a beautiful record!

MURCOF – Recast [Future Primitive]

Future Primitive’s second release is a compilation EP, containing a selection of rare tracks from the likes of Wolfgang Voigt, Fernando Corona and DJ Guy under the collective name of MURCOF. Operating under his Mike Ink alias, Voigt’s slow, dubby excursion ‘Income’ predates his revered GAS project, and provides Recast with an excellent introduction. Immediately after comes the highly emotive ‘ASII100’ from Welshman DJ Guy, before we are presented with two pondering, spacey cuts from Corona’s Terrestre alias.

Chaos In The CBD – Zona Del Silencio [In Dust We Trust]

Chaos In The CBD bring us their third record of the year and of their new label In Dust We Trust, Zona Del Silencio. Coming off the back of two solid previous outings, this latest record shows the Australian sibling duo at the height of their production powers. Both the title track and b-side ‘Unsound Mind’ float around the ten minute mark, spacey techno cuts that unfurl slowly in a glistening furrow of sound. Keep ’em coming!

Finn – Accelerated Club [Local Action]


Our final highlight this week comes in the form of something slightly different. Known for releasing records from the likes of DJ Q, Slackk and Deadboy, the latest release from highly lauded imprint Local Action comes in the form of mixtape: Finn’s Accelerated Club. Across a frantic 23 minutes, the selector spins through a wealth of records from the likes of DJ Deeon, DJ Technics, Rod Lee and Dukeyman creating a unique and thoroughly exciting mixtape.


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