Coming Up | 13/09/2017

Jeremiah R – Visions Of Vega [Voodoo Gold Records]


The one man, Rotterdam-based label Voodoo Gold Records is making a steady start to life. Following on from releases under the Amazon Club, Aquarian Motion and Marvis Dee aliases, comes a fourth character to the stage: Jeremiah R. Already with an impressive string of electro oriented odysseys under his belt on a variety of labels, it is no surprise that Visions of Vega is a seriously accomplished release. Much like the label’s past records, it fits very much in with the Drexciyan gospel of music: punchy percussion combined with spacey, off-kilter synth patterns and textures. Sharing much with the work of Donald and Stinson, Jeremiah packs enough originality of though to ensure Visions of Vega is a more than credible record in it’s own right, rather than simply a tribute or immitation.


Tarawangsawelas – Wanci [Morphine Records]


Hailing from Bandung in the Indonesian province of West Java, the duo Tarawangsawelas serve as a contemporary reflection of the Tarawangsa, the traditional music of the island’s Sundanese culture. Minimal; haunting; Wanci is an the sound of a variety of wind, string and percussive instruments in nostalgic, if not mournful contemplation. Released on Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Records imprint, the record is a tiny snapshot of the cutlure of a country with deep and vast musical heritage.

Achim Maerz – Experiments [Don’t Be Afraid]

Don’t Be Afraid are steadily cementing their place as one of the most consistent and hardworking label’s in the game. Aside from curating fantastic club nights, Semtek and his crew have sparked musical collectivity across the board, with those that DJ their parties often release records on the imprint. Karen Gwyer and DJ Bone, having played DBA’s Easter party at Bloc earlier in the year, have both released LPs on the label this year. Achim Maerz’ Experiments is the label’s fourth EP of 2017, and continues the purple patch – forward thinking, tripped out techno music with a steady, warm groove.

Etapp Kyle – Alpha [Ostgut Ton]

The latest release from German techno behemouth Ostgut Ton comes from Berlin-based Etapp Kyle. Having put out multiple records on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, it was only natural for DJ and producer to make the step up to Beghain’s legendary imprint. Four tracks in length, Alpha comprises heavy, in-your-face 4×4 rhythms cloaked in dark, haunting synth pads and patterns – ambient, club-ready heavy hitters befitting of both artist and label.

Nuel – Tecnica [Sematica]


Nuel is the latest to grace the consistently impressive Semantica imprint with Tecnica: a four-track EP of hard hitting, modern techno steeped with ambient and electro influences. Semantica once again hit the nail on the head with this release, constantly bringing new sounds to the table – graciously blurring traditional definitions of genre.


Unknown Artist – Down With You [Rarefied]


Rarefied bring us their fifth release and second of their anonymous RAREBLK series, playing on the time-old listener attraction to the mysterious. After the success of Stronger, a dubstep edit of the Amy Winehouse classic, comes Down With You – the atmosphere amped considerably more this time out. Comprising both a vocal and a dub mix, a cacophany of breaks and dubby goodness, this record is sure to tear many a dancefloor apart.


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