Coming Up | 27/09/2017

Steffi – World Of The Waking State [Ostgut Ton]


Few could argue against the fact that in 2017 Steffie Doms is something of an institution in the world of techno. Consistently active as both a producer and DJ in Berlin for the past decade, the Dutch-born former Panorama Bar/Berghain resident follows up her 2014 LP Power Of Anonymity for the club’s label Ostgut Ton with World Of The Waking State. Whilst earmarking Steffi as a lynchpin of ‘techno’ above, her sound and style bears far greater diversity and variation than simple 4×4 rhythms, as this stunning record attests. Much of the music found within is deeply rooted in electro – the genres groovy and break filled, spacey elements finding centre stage across the album. From the ethereal progression of opener ‘Different Entities’, through to the power and enormity of closer ‘Cease To Exist’, World Of The Waking State is an emotional, thoughtful reminder of Steffi’s top tier skills as a producer.

Beatrice Dillon & Call Super – Inkjet / Fluo [Hessle Audio]


Ten years on from it’s inception, Hessle Audio is now well established as one of the most consistent and innovative platforms in dance music – their parties and music impressing in equal measure. For their latest record, two long time label associates join forces for their first appearances on the imprint: Beatrice Dillon and Call Super. Both lauded for their talents as DJs, producers and as innovators, their partnership with Hessle was a natural fit. Two moody, cacophonous tracks are the end result: the dark groove of ‘Inkjet’ offset pleasantly by the breezy, slightly off-kilter pound of ‘Fluo’, both incorporating expertly intricate percussion with wildly exciting melodies and adornments of sound.

Cocktail Party Effect – Battered [Cold Recordings]

For their tenth release, Bristol’s Cold Recordings enlist the services of Cocktail Party Effect – a new alias of Apollo associate Charlie Baldwin. For his debut on the label, weight of bass seems to be of primary concern – snarling lows complimented by vicious, reverb heavy percussion. With a nod towards the late 00s in the direction of Loefah and VIVEK, Battered couldn’t be a more appropriate title for the EP, with all four tracks certainly leaving a heavy imprint on the listener.

Metrist – HOOD003 [Neighbourhood]

The third release on Tasha’s Neighbourhood imprint comes from Metrist. Building on his recent work with Opal Tapes, the Brighton-based producer brings an intense, pulsating sound to the fore. A constant, pounding kick throughout the record is varyingly complimented by unnerving synth stabs, off kilter percussion and expert use of reverb. A-side ‘Nos Ossos’ is a savage dance-floor builder, whilst ‘Eliot Mi Fe’ follows in similar vein – a driving intensity flecked with chopped up vocal samples. Cadans, who produced the label’s first EP alongside Randomer, provides a solid remix on the flip.

Various Artists – Remixes [Central Processing Unit]


Five years on from it’s inception, Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit has become one of the seminal purveyors of the electro sound in the UK. With a large back catalogue of records marked by both their quality and consistency, a compilation of remixes by the wide range of artists to feature on the label feels well overdue. With contributions from the likes of Plant43 and Sync 24, as well as a superb remix by legendary duo B12, the thirteen tracks contained within cover a wide range of stylistic bases, taking the listener on a wild ride of sounds each as impressive as the last.


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