Coming Up | 4/10/2017

Brainwaltzera – Poly-ana [FILM]


The incredibly talented Brainwaltzera makes their second appearance on the exciting, Berlin-based FILM imprint with his first LP: Poly-ana. With a string of impressive EPs under their belt, Poly-ana sees the producer really flexing their creative fingers here, pulling an album out the bag that bares a striking resemblance to the music of Boards Of Canada. Glitchy and glistening in equal measure, there is a serious understanding of how to portray emotion and feeling with careful subtlety here that gets us very excited about this artist’s future output.

Ingleton Falls – Champagne In Mozambique [Isle Of Jura]


Following on from the reissue of Brian Bennett’s Voyage earlier in the year, Australian reissue imprint Isle Of Jura brings Ingleton Falls’ 1993 cassette Champagne In Mozambique back for a fresh copy. With the original an extreme rarity, the vitality of these five wonderful pieces being given fresh life cannot be understated. A dubby groove pervades the entire release – slow, soothing basslines soaked in sensuous synth pads. From start to finish this is an engrossing listen – make sure you get yourself a copy!

Crump – Ice & Spheres [Idle Hands]

Previously releasing on Banoffee Pies and Extended Play, Crump is the latest to grace the prestigious Idle Hands imprint with Ice & Spheres. Serving up two sides of minimal, dubby, garage house exploration, both tracks jauntily bob around eight minutes a side, as fit for the floor as for home listening. The record feels the producer’s most accomplished effort thus far, and is a great addition and place holder for what has been a fantastic summer for Idle Hands.

Airhead – Shaded / Antipolo [Hemlock Recordings]

Airhead returns once more to Hemlock with the 12″ record Shaded / Antipolo. Both sides offer up well-crafted, modern sounds heavily steeped in the heritage of UK dance music and it’s origins in dub and sound system culture, lending a real homegrown feel to the record. A-side ‘Shaded’’s 4×4 kicks and hardcore synth stabs combine with a sturdy bassline and dubby echoes, depicting a fresh take on established practices. B-side ‘Antipolo’ plunges more to the leftfield; it’s calm humming reminiscent of a horror film, with it’s eerie synths, distorted voices, sparse drums and dragging metal completing this dark, hypnotic roller.

Kamasi Washington – Harmony of Difference [Young Turks]


Now established as one of the key proponents of jazz music for listeners not personally invested in the genre, saxophonist Kamasi Washington follows up 2015’s critically acclaimed The Epic with Harmony Of Difference. Having shared festival bills and stages with artists with little connection to jazz music, it is no surprise that his two most recent works have featured on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder imprint and now XL subsidiary Young Turks. Deviating from his 2015 debut, Harmony Of Difference generally keeps the stories short and sweet, the records A-side consisting of five tracks around the three to four minute mark, before launching into ‘Truth’ – a thirteen minute long odyssey that could quite easily be a cut taken from The Epic. With track names such as ‘Desire’ and ‘Knowledge’ the EP ‘celebrates the differences that we have amongst each other‘. This emphasis on differentiation leads to intruiging musical variation, and produces an engaging listen from start to finish.


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