Coming Up | 18/10/2017

Joe – Tail Lift / MPH [Hessle Audio]


Joe makes his long awaited return to Hessle Audio with the much anticipated single Tail Lift / MPH. Combining the oddball, off-kilter groove of ‘Tail Lift’ with the warm, fuzzy tingle of ‘MPH’, the much lauded producer leaves little to be desired with two fantastic productions.

Equiknoxx & Mark Ernestus – Mark Ernestus Remixes [DDS]


Two highly respected musical heavyweights come together for an inspired meeting of minds, as dub techno legend Mark Ernestus takes on two tracks by dancehall outfit Equiknoxx. The Basic Channel head honcho takes ‘Congo Get Slap’ and ‘Flagged Up’ into moody, rugged new places ready for late night sessions on darkened dancefloors.

Toresch – Offen 007 [Offen Music]

Vladimir Ivkovich’s Offen Music continue what has been a strong 2017, with the second record on the imprint from Toresch. Eerie synth chords and throbbing bass programming compliments the slow, measured rhythm of the record’s four tracks, who’s  spoken vocal accompaniments complete a beautiful, nightmarish sound.

K-Lone – In The Dust [Soundman Chronicles]

Wisdom Teeth lynchpin K-Lone gives Wen & Rabit’s Soundman Chronicles their eighth release: In The Dust. Featuring two original tracks and a remix from O$VMV$M, In The Dust shows a refined, thoughtful producer in his element – the ten minute dubby sojourn of ‘Old Fashioned’ a particular highlight in it’s shimmering, moody protraction.

Talbot Fade – My Voice Would Reach You [Don’t Drone Alone]


Leeds-based label Don’t Drone Alone hit the sweet spot once again with the third album from Talbot Fade. My Voice Would Reach You is a solemn and beautiful examination of loss, gliding through feelings of grief, acceptance and nostalgia. Vast soundscapes of gorgeous ambience take centre stage, the record’s fragility gently mutating from morbid sadness into blissful serenity by the album’s close – culminating in the thirty minute long ‘Depths of the Painting’.


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