Coming Up | 25/10/2017

Errorsmith – Superlative Fatigue [PAN]


Thirteen years after his last album landed, Errorsmith returns with Superlative Fatigue on left-field electronic label PAN. The record was composed almost entirely on his self-designed Razor synthesizer, created as a result of his disdain towards use of samples. With a primary focus of producing music ‘that makes people dance’, the album is a complete success. With hints of dancehall, techno and many others genres and styles, Superlative Fatigue is more than just a dance album: a meticulously crafted record from one of electronic music’s great innovators, this could be one of 2017’s finest musical moments.

Geoffrey Landers – 1 by 1 [Music From Memory]


Masters of the reissue Music From Memory bring another successful year towards it’s close with this bumper compilation of music from Geoffrey Landers. 1 By 1 draws together twenty tracks recorded by the relatively obscure Denver artist between 1979 and 1987, shining a light on Landers’ melding of guitar-based pop music with more experimental, electronic sounds. Trippy, groovy and thoroughly enjoyable, the Dutch label have once again succeeded in giving new life to the work of another underappreciated artist.

Lee Gamble – Mnestic Pressure [Hyperdub]

Arguably one of the most respected producers of electronic music in the UK, Lee Gamble follows up 2014’s Koch LP with Mnestic Pressure. The release marks Gamble’s first productive link-up with Hyperdub, a label to whom the producer’s brazen, frenetic style lends itself immeasurably. Constantly keeping the listener on their proverbial toes, Mnestic Pressure is a highly exciting and engaging experience – it’s glacial airiness thoughtfully punctuated by moments of intense delirium that give the record it’s unique, compelling character.

Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth for Christ Choir – Like A Ship (Without A Sail) [Numero Group]

Counting such modern musical luminaries as Kanye West and Radiohead amongst his fanship, Pastor T. L. Barrett’s classic 1971 collaborative album with his Youth For Christ Choir is getting another reissue. Like A Ship (Without A Sail) features Barrett’s powerful, soulful vocals accompanied by a forty-strong choir of children alongside tight, grooving instrumentation. Despite being wrought by legal proceedings regarding pyramid schemes later in life, the Chicagoan pastor’s seminal musical achievement continues to exist as a reminder of the beauty religious subject matter can inspire in music.

Elodie – Vieux Silence [Ideologic Organ]


Twelve releases down the line, Andrew Chalk and Timo van Lujik take Elodie outside one of their own label’s for the very first time – linking up with Stephen O’Malley of Sun O))) on his Ideologic Organ imprint. Vieux Silence is a perfect snapshot of the Elodie sound – a quiet, subtle intensity that burns bright through instrumentation that quivers with emotion. A peaceful, organic production, the records eight tracks slowly unfurl before you – sparse ambient soundscapes fading to memory before you notice how affected you’ve been.


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