Coming Up | 01/11/2017

Not Waving – Good Luck [Diagonal]


This week’s number one record is the latest offering from Alessio Natalizia, a.k.a. Not Waving. Following on from Animals, his first LP for Diagonal in 2016, the producer returns to the label seemingly more focused than ever before. Good Luck presents both a precise and calculated, fun and triumphant approach to dance music – whacked out synth design combining fruitfully with catchy vocal lines. This grinning combination of pop and experimentation, drawing stylistically from EBM and techno to post-punk and ambient, makes for a truly refreshing listen, one that will surely be repeated many times over in the future.

Giant Swan – Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego / IFTLOYL [Timedance]


It’s a strictly Bristolian affair on this 12″ as Giant Swan link up with Batu’s Timedance imprint for the first time. Known for their energy and technical prowess as live performers, the duo’s clunky, chaotic brand of techno is a prime fit for one of the UK’s most exciting labels. Chopped up vocal samples and an array of distorted, broken noises are the party pieces as the duo ‘Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego’ in frantic, pounding fashion. ‘IFTLOYL’ is a similar exercise in dark, rhythmic frivolity – it’s harsh, percussive tones and driving core propelling it into the vast cannon of peak-time dancefloor weapons.

Legowelt – Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time [Clone West Coast Series]

Purveyor of the perplexing, maker of monikers, monolith of modern electronic music: the number of ways we could describe Danny Wolfers and his music are probably only beaten in number by the names with which he has operated under. This diversity and unpredictability is mirrored in Wolfer’s latest project, the aptly named Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time. Returning once more to Clone’s West Coast Series, the producer offers up a twelve track journey through house and techno’s floatier, more oddball aspects, accompanied of course by a smattering of 303 throughout the record. Consistent from start to finish, Wolfers once more offers a very strong collection of tracks featuring the top tier levels of production we come to expect from the Dutch master.

Various Artists – Rends L’argent [BFDM / L.I.E.S.]

The latest record from Lyon’s Brothers From Different Mothers is collaboration with Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S’ imprint, featuring music from J-Zbel, Low Jack and U-202. The former get the entire A-side to showcase their talents, J-Zbel bringing two superb cuts of deconstructed, ravey euphoria. Low Jack’s ‘Ice Formula Riddim’ is a dark, grooving dancehall affair, preceding the sheer chaos and downright noise of EP closer ‘Whistler’, rounding off a fantastic record.

Ozo – Anambra [Isle Of Jura]


The latest record given new life by Australian imprint Isle Of Jura is Anambra: a two-track release from 1976 by British group Ozo, remastered and accompanied by a brand new additional mix. Tight, airy harmonies combine with marching percussion to give ‘Anambra’ it’s chant-like base. As the song progresses a lead vocal emerges from the mist, repeating a Buddhist Sanskrit mantra ad nauseam before being deftly swallowed back up by his musical accomplices. Warm, gentle music – Anambra adds further credence to Isle Of Jura’s claim to reissue ‘forgotten musical gems’. This is certainly one of those.


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