Coming Up | 08/11/2017

Golden Teacher – No Luscious Life [Golden Teacher]


Golden Teacher’s steady rise has been well documented over the last four years and now Manchester’s most exciting pop funk outfit release their first LP – the wonderful No Luscious Life. The record is reflective of everything the band’s music has been since their first official release in 2013: engaging, imaginative and above all else, a whole lot of fun. Golden Teacher fuse a variety of influences such as punk and disco, dub and techno: the component parts of a singular, engrossing style that will see them gaining many well deserved plaudits over the coming months.

Regis – The Master Side [Blackest Ever Black]


Karl O’Connor is by now an institution of electronic music in the UK. Alongside the likes of Surgeon and Female, O’Connor a.k.a. Regis, put Birmingham on the musical map as a centre for dark, pulsating techno in the mid 1990s. Fast forward two decades and we hear the same producer – the same stalwart of a sound that has evaded stagnation since his first release on Downwards back in 1995. For this vinyl-only 12″ on Blackest Ever Black, the producer provides two venomous cuts of clunky, cataclysmic proportions – slowly unfurling the apocalypse before our eyes.

Forest Drive West – Static / Escape [Livity Sound]

The last eighteen months have been highly productive for the somewhat elusive figure of Forest Drive West, with five full releases showing a possible link between anonymity and productivity. The producer has shown a diverse approach to song writing across his two previous releases for the Livity family, and on EPs for Hidden Hawaii and Rupture; equally adept composing smooth techno rollers as fearsome half-step bruisers. Collaborating once more with the Bristolian imprint, the producer again offers up two different options for our enjoyment: ‘Static’ – a snappy, wandering-bassline-led trawl through minimalism, and the murky ‘Escape’, a slight nod to the glory days of Swamp81.

John F.M. – Ricochet / …And Then Leave [The Trilogy Tapes]

Whilst Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes imprint don’t score a top tier record with each release, they do continue to put out original and interesting productions each time and, on this occasion, have got it bang on the money. Detroit-based producer John FM has had Ricochet / …And Then Leave scheduled for a release on TTT for over a year and, following up from two promising releases on Omar S’ FXHE imprint in 2015, it is gratefully received. The opening track is eleven minutes of distorted, pulsating techno serenaded by smatterings of claps and airy synth pads, with ‘…And Then Leave’ following a similar, if not slightly more relaxed pattern of play.

WK7 – Rhythm 1 [Power House]

Last week we had Legowelt, this week we have WK7, a.ka. Head High, a.k.a. Wax, a.k.a. Shed, a.k.a. etc. The prolific German producer and DJ, the man of many faces, has added another chapter to his hardcore, rave oriented WK7 alias on Power House. Including three tracks based around the same ‘Rhythm’ vocal sample as well as the ‘instrumental’ number ‘The Healer’, this latest EP really does the business. Capturing the essence of the early 90s hardcore sound without sounding like some pastiche imitation, WK7 provides a pick n’ mix of dancefloor-ready numbers. From the rugged, break-heavy thump of the ‘Triple H Mix’, to the cool and breezy groove of the ‘Power Snap Mix’, this EP is a captivating listen from start to finish.

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