Coming Up | 15/11/2017

Call Super – Arpo [Houndstooth]


In similar fashion to his debut album Suzi Ecto, Call Super’s second LP Arpo paints a picture of a producer who’s influences breach far beyond the walls of what is merely current and popular. Incorporating fleeting features from his clarinetist father, Joe Seaton compiles varied digital instrumentation into a glistening, shimmering body of work – the album’s rhythm and pace benefitting from Seaton’s exceptional treatment of percussion and bass. A far cry from the music one might expect from a Call Super Dj set, Arpo is a timely reminder of Seaton’s versatility and creativity in all aspects of his artistry.

Mica Levi – Delete Beach [DDS]


Mica Levi’s first foray into the world of anime soundtracks is the musical accompaniment to Delete Beach – a film by Phil Collins (no, not that one). Following up from award winning scoring for the films  Jackie and Under The Skin, the multi-talented British artist brings her pulsating, off-kilter style once more at it’s enthralling best. Sliding seamlessly between moments of high tension and intense sorrow, Levi’s ability to pinpoint emotional sensitivities remains as potent as ever.

Joy Orbison – Selectors 004 [Dekmantel]

As Dekmantel’s tenth year in existence comes to it’s close, so do the lurid and varied celebrations that have accompanied it. One of the most interesting components of the festivities has been the Selectors series. For it’s fourth instalment south London DJ and producer Joy Orbison takes the reigns, presenting a collection of tracks documenting the UK’s ‘diverse cultures intertwining and creating beautiful results’. The old and the new sit comfortably side by side, with contemporary artists such as Beatrice Dillon and Klein complimenting elder statesmen such as Source Direct and Mike Millrain for a fantastic compilation of music.

K. Leimer & Like A Villain – FTS 001 [First Terrace Records]

The first release from First Terrace Records, a label dedicated to split 12″ records, is helmed by K. Leimer and Like A Villain. Providing twenty minutes of music each, the former, an institution of ambient music, provides the a-side, whilst the lesser known, Portland-based producer Like A Villain takes care of the flip. Leimer’s careful attention to texture, nurturing emotion out of slow and subtle chord progressions, is complimented by his use of distant, scrambled vocal samples à la Gigi Masin. Moving from four tracks to just one, Like A Villain provides an intense, marvelling experience on the flip – gliding into the realms of drone and post-rock for ‘Overcoming Emotional Trauma and Finding Your Inner Light Vol. II’.

M.E.S.H. – Hesaitix [PAN]

Few record labels have provided quite as much fantastic music in 2017 as Bill Kouligas’ PAN imprint. Following up from excellent releases by the likes of STILL, Pan Daijing and Errorsmith, PAN’s latest LP comes from the ever-exciting label mainstay M.E.S.H. Hesaitix flits between dark, open soundscapes and fierce, pounding percussion, creating a fluidity that gives the album the feeling of a cohesive, single body of work. With excitement waiting around every corner, the producer once again succeeds in keeping the listening public on their proverbial toes.

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